Vitagreen 維特健靈

    Vita-Jianling Five-color Ganoderma 72 Capsules

    $798.00 $518.00

    Product descriptionVitejianling five-color ganoderma is a collection of five types (six species) of natural wild ganoderma, extracted according to ancient recipes, which can improve the body’s immunity and strengthen physical...

    Vita-Ling-Vitamin Usilk 90 Capsules

    $698.00 $395.00

    Product descriptionThe new formulation of Weixinwusisu is the first Chinese herbal medicine-based most advanced product to improve hair loss and gray hair. After continuous research, the experts of Vite Jianling...

    Viterjianling Strengthen Formula Zhiyin Cordyceps Mycelium Capsules

    $1,098.00 $495.00

    Using modern cutting-edge technology to extract the highest amount of active ingredients of Cordyceps sinensis, and adding leucine, it is concentrated and refined at low temperature, with pure quality. The...

    維特健靈-活關素加強特效膠囊 Extra Strength Vita Joint 60粒

    $698.00 $428.00

    修護軟骨及關節 各種關節不適、頸椎、腰椎勞損及電腦肩等等關節問題煩擾著不少人,這些問題若疏於治療,後果可能非常嚴重。「活關素加強特效膠囊」是修補關節良方,有效修護關節及軟骨。 幫助軟骨細胞重生 隨著年齡增長,軟骨組織逐漸磨損,導至骨磨骨,引致疼痛、行動不便、骨刺,甚至關節變形,嚴重影響日常生活。「活關素加強特效膠囊」有效幫助軟骨重生,令關節回復正常。 紓緩關節僵硬及麻痺各種不適和西方治標不治的本療法相比,「活關素加強特效膠囊」成效顯著,能有效紓緩關節不適,而且成分天然,安全可靠,適合長期服用。 適合任何有關節毛病、或關節曾受損傷或運動創傷者、尤其受手指、膝、股、頸、腰關節困擾的人士長期服用 – 保健: 每日2次,每次1至2粒 – 止痛: 每日3次,每次1至2粒 ___________ 科研實証 實驗証明「活關素加強特效膠囊」有效改善關節勞損及關節問題,有助減低軟骨勞損,最快服後三星期見效,六星期見明顯效果。亦能有效改善活動能力,並避免關節僵緊而引致的不適受損。「活關素加強特效膠囊」配方更優化,效果更明顯。

    Vita Health Ling-Eye Qing Su (Strong Version) 40 Capsules

    $699.00 $285.00

    Detailed introduction Special eye protection   protect eyesightZeaxanthin and lutein will be lost with age, vision will become blurred, and there will be chromatic aberration in seeing things. It is...

    Vital Health Lingxin 60 Capsules

    $685.00 $435.00

    Product introduction: "Ningxin" can strengthen the body, calm the mind and calm the mind, and promote sleep. Detailed introductionInsomnia or sleep problems, including difficulty falling asleep, restless sleep, waking up...

    Vita Health Pure Wild Live Yunzhi 60 Capsules

    $698.00 $495.00

    Product description: "Yinghuo Yunzhi" is made from natural wild Yunzhi extract. Research shows that wild Yunzhi can help patients with chronic diseases-increasing the chance of survival. Scientists have proved from...

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