[Japan Version] DOKKAN PREMIUM [Enhanced Version] Plant Enzyme Champagne Gold 180 Capsules

    $298.00 $238.00

    Japan DOKKAN Enzyme PREMIUM Champagne Gold Strongest Edition HERB Healthy Honpo Night Enzyme Plant Enzyme Gold Upgrade 180 Capsules 1. An upgraded version of Dokkan Enzyme! With 46 kinds of...

    [Japanese domestic sales version] DOKKAN ABURA GOLD Night Plant Enzyme 150 Capsules Gold Edition

    $298.00 $198.00

    Product introduction: Main function:☆Accelerate metabolism, burn fat and shape your body☆ Clean up stools, improve the intestines and stomach☆Remove free radicals that cause fatigue in the human body, and be...

    [Japan]PINKY BODY Re-Spring House SUPER B-IN SUPER BOIN Breast Enhancement Essence Pills (150 tablets)

    $268.00 $168.00

    Detailed product description☝️☝️☝️ Product introduction Proudly produced by the famous Japanese cosmetics manufacturer Zaichun Pavilion! Japan’s nearly 50-year-old time-honored brandcontains a variety of pure natural plant ingredients, safe! Efficient! Quality...

    Svelty Pakkun Glycolytic Yeast Generating Enzyme 120 Capsules


    Product description - Rakuten No. 1 in the Slimming Health Products Division- Break down and inhibit the absorption of carbohydrates, sugars and fats- Improve the intestines, moisten the intestines and...

    [Japan Version] FANCL (2019 New Packaging) Perfect Fat Burning Lean Body 90 Capsules (30 days)

    $398.00 $198.00

    Detailed introduction FANCL-Perfect Fat Burning Leptin 90 Capsules (30 days) (parallel import) ✦Product introductionThe new package for 2019 adds olive leaf extract, sea hair extract, L-carnitine and ginger. The fourth-generation...

    [Japan Version] Morishita Rendan Crystal Ball Probiotic Bifina R 30 Packs Lactic Acid Bacteria LP33

    $698.00 $368.00

    Japan's Rakuten sales dominate the top three lactic acid bacteria! 2.5 billion Bifelderella + 1 billion lactic acid bacteria, etc., Using crystal ball technology to protect lactic acid bacteria directly...

    香港保秀麗窈窕茶葉 30茶包装

    $68.00 $38.00

    包裝:1盒 (1.4克 x 30 包) 功效:保持血液清潔,清理腸胃,幫助消化,改善皮膚及間歇性便秘,保持身體適當重量,使身材窈窕,青春秀麗。 用法:用一或二茶包保秀麗茶葉放於熱水中浸焗5~10分鐘,隔清茶葉後,即可飲用,更隨意可加入檸檬汁或蜜糖飲用。 開始飲用時,最好於每日臨睡前飲一杯,一星期後可早晚後一杯。 貨品描述 保秀麗窈窕茶葉使用說明書 產品名稱:保秀麗窈窕茶葉(茶包) 成    份:番瀉莢75%,番瀉葉25% 用法及用量:用一或二茶包(每茶包相等於1.5克)保秀麗窈窕茶葉於熱水中浸焗5-15分鐘,隔清茶葉後,即可飲用,可隨意加入檸檬汁或蜜糖飮用。開始飮用時,最好於每日臨睡前飮一杯,一星期後可早晚各一杯。建議初服者浸焗一至二分鐘飲用。 功    能:瀉熱導滯,保持血液清潔,清理腸胃,幫助消化,改善皮膚及間歇性便秘,保持身體適當重量,使身材窈窕,青春秀麗。 主    治:治熱結便秘,積滯腹脹。 包裝規格:每盒30包,每包1.5克/每盒10包,每包1.5克。 持有人/包裝、生產地: Womelis Company(德麗寶藥業有限公司經營)、香港原料來源:瑞士,列斯登。 PRODUCT LINE OF: Lagap Boss Pharmaceuticals AG, Liechtenstein, Switzerland. 宜放置於陰涼及乾爽地方。切勿放在孩童能夠觸摸的地方。  ...

    Eijin Pharmaceutical Japan Eijin Pharmaceutical Dietmaru Liposuction Pills 120g Box 10 Pack

    $298.00 $138.00

    Product Description Made in Japan🇯🇵Diet Maru Liposuction Gel (1 box 10 packs) 🔲Contains plants🍃 activated carbon, dietary fiber, 9 kinds of vegetables🥦 extract is more patented💯 lactic acid bacteria, H-61...

    Young Jin Pharmaceutical Diet Maru Xiaoshui Pills A box of 10 capsules, drink enzyme 10g

    $268.00 $138.00

    It is rich in plant enzymes, corn silk extract, and coix seed extract can reduce the symptoms of edema. Improve metabolism and blood circulation, swelling, and excrete excess water and...

    Young Jin Pharmaceutical Diet Maru Xiaoshui Pills (Platinum Edition) 10g x 10 packs

    $298.00 $168.00

    Product description Repel body swelling Quantity per piece 10 packs How to use 1 sachet a day, tear open and eat. Notes It is not recommended for pregnant women and...

    GNC BURN 60 (Parallel import)60’s 30-day supply

    $298.00 $198.00

    Description: -From the famous American brand GNC -Powerful heat production formula -Increase calorie burn up to 60% -Promote energy and metabolism Description GNC Burn 60™ is a clinically proven thermogenic...

    Fatblaster small magic box waist and hip fat loss tablets 60 pieces/box [6 times weight loss]

    $398.00 $298.00

    FatBlaster Clinical is Australia's latest weight loss innovation product. It is clinically proven that taking this product can help achieve 6 times the weight loss effect compared to simple diet...

    Australia Bio-E White Kidney Bean Gourmet Sniper Tablet Anti-sugar and oil precipitation Dietary Fiber Enzyme Strawberry Flavour Yogurt Flavor

    $417.00 $198.00

    Is it imported:Yes Shelf life: 18 months Country/Region of Origin:Australia Product name: Bio-E white kidney bean gourmet sniper film Net content: 60 capsules/bag Type:Health Products Brand: bio-e Applicable objects: Adults...



    功能: 將卡路里燃燒增加 60% 特徵: 一種強大的熱原配方,有助於增強新陳代謝,燃燒卡路里和提高能量水準 運動時將卡路里燃燒增加 60% * 鍛煉前需要30-60分鐘 *臨床證明,鍛煉后熱量燃燒增加高達60%,鍛煉后長達一小時。資料來源:古魯、拉馬納坦、迪亞蘭在低強度和高強度運動期間及之後對能源支出的即時影響。在隨機的安慰劑對照,雙盲交叉研究中調查,2004年 主要成分: 瓜拉納種子提取物,紅茶葉提取物,巨型自然和葡萄種子提取物® 方向: 在鍛煉日開始鍛煉前 30-60 分鐘服用 2 片。在非鍛煉日,早餐前每天服用2片水 內容: 60 片

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