MUSRUBO American Muscle Pain Relief Rubbing Cream 108G

    $98.00 $40.00

    U.S. formula relax muscle pain relief rubbing cream 108G Indications: This product has strong penetrating power, it can cure wind and dampness, neck pain, back pain, muscle swelling and pain,...

    Huaan Qufeng Analgesic Cream 36g

    $68.00 $35.00

    Description Singapore Huaan Qufeng Analgesic Cream 36g (Rheumatism/Cold/Itching/Scald) Place of Origin: 100% brand new original direct delivery from Singapore Brand: Huaan Brand Handshake Trademark Adaptation: Fibritis, neuralgia, rheumatism, sore hands...

    Baiyun Mountain 701 Analgesic Cream for Dieda 10cm*400cm

    $179.00 $69.00

    Product description Please read the instruction manual carefully and use it according to the instructions or purchase and use under the guidance of the tiller Instructions for 701 Dieda Analgesic...

    Hong Kong Jianying New Black Plaster Activating Collaterals Patching Muscle and Muscle Strain Analgesic and Anticoagulant Promoting Blood Circulation and Removing Blood Stasis Directly to the Source of Pain

    $177.00 $68.00

    Brand name: Healthy Product parameters: Brand: Jianying Place of Origin: Hong Kong, China Manufacturer: Singapore Jianying Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Product dosage form: Patch Usage: External use. Apply after cleansing and...

    NAMMAN Thai Muay Thai Cream 100G

    $168.00 $38.00

    Product name: Thai Boxing Ointment Muay Thai Ointment Boxer Ointment Product origin: Thailand Specifications: 100gIngredients: pure herbal extracts, it feels a little cool after applying, and it will be a...

    Hisamitsu Salonpas topical analgesic patch 40 pack

    $98.00 $45.00

    40 pieces of the famous Japanese salumbas analgesic patch, small S recommends [强][强]! Absolutely kill any domestic stickers! Salombas has sold as many as 18 billion packs in the past...

    FUNG WING TAI FUNG WING TAI Wanying Bone Cream 1PC

    $138.00 $38.00

    (Feng Rongtai) Wanying Guluo After years of clinical trials, the drug has an effective rate of 95% for bone spurs testimonials Active ingredients: Rhizoma Gastrodiae 0.68% Myrrha 1.37% Eucommia Cortex...

    DRAGON Balm Dragon Balm (Made in Singapore) 20g

    $68.00 $25.00

    Dieda Fengshi Qinglong ointment, this ointment is a health-care medicine prepared with meticulously formulated and specially selected medicinal materials. It has a significant effect in curing the following various ailments....

    Thailand hello dream anti-inflammatory and analgesic adhesive plaster 20 packs

    $198.00 $118.00

    Thailand original authentic Hello Dream Hello Dream Neobun Adhesive Plaster Sprain Pain Relief Patch 200 Patches

    Zou Jian Ping An Ointment (12 boxes) 8g


    Product parameters: Brand: Charity Place of Origin: Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Color classification: 8g*12pcs/box Manufacturer: Ping An Ointment Co., Ltd. Product dosage form: plaster Usage: For external use, apply...

    VORWERK German Pepper Standard Rheumatism Plaster 24 Pieces

    $298.00 $148.00

    Product introductionGermany strong pepper rheumatism plaster cloth dying analgesic ointment, functions to eliminate rheumatism, promote blood circulation, promote qi, reduce swelling and analgesia. The medicinal power can penetrate the subcutaneous...

    YUNNAN BAIYAO Yunnan Baiyao Plaster (5pcs)

    $169.00 $78.00

    Long history, well-known at home and abroad Specifications: 5 pieces/box, each piece is 6.5cm*10cm Usage: stick to the affected area for 8-12 hours Validity period: 3 years. The specific date...

    香港 梁華-按摩膏 50克


    梁華按摩膏 主要成份:水楊酸甲脂12%、薄荷腦6.1%、樟腦0.01% 用法: 塗搽於患處輕輕按摩8-10分鐘,每日2-3次。 兒童使用本產品前,應諮詢中醫師或醫生意見。 使用時避免觸及眼睛及黏膜。 注意事項: 只供外用°切勿塗探於傷曰或敏感皮膚,避免觸及眼睛及黏膜一 勿讓兒童拿取,12歲以下小童如需使用,應諮詢中醫師或醫生意見。 如用後10天痛楚仍未減退或用後皮膚出現過敏或紅腫請即停用,應請教中醫師或意見。 如患有感冒、水痘或發熱病的兒童避免使用含水楊酸甲脂的產品及 如對水楊酸甲i有過敏反應者,使用本產品前請諮詢中醫師或醫生意見。 丨 貯存於攝氏30度以下 淨重90克 香港製造

    Yunnan Baiyao Pain Relief Aerosol 85g

    $198.00 $128.00

    85 grams of Yunnan Baiyao aerosol Ingredients Panax notoginseng, borneol, pangasius, yam, beidougen Efficacy a) Promoting blood circulation, dissipating blood stasis, reducing swelling and relieving painb) Used for bruises, blood...

    FLY TIGHT BRAND FLY TIGHT BRAND Gold Thousand Miles Bone Paste 10PCS

    $198.00 $28.00

    Adaptation: Suitable for muscle soreness, lumbar muscle strain, exercise fatigue, bruises, etc. Red peony 7mg, silver flower 7mg, wood turtle 7mg, angelica 7mg, Chuanwu.7mg, big maple 7mg Safflower 7mg grass...

    Thai Centipede King Breathable Pain Relief Cream 10 Pieces Genuine Original

    $65.00 $25.00

    Product parameters: Brand: Centipede King (Medicine) Place of Origin: China Manufacturer: Guangdong Hengjian Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd. Product dosage form: patch Usage: Stick to the affected area for topical use, children should...

    近江兄弟Q軟膏 (65克) 摩擦镇痛膏

    $148.00 $40.00

    產品說明 功能:風濕疼痛,關節炎,筋肉痛,扭傷,挫傷,肩膀酸痛,腰痛,牙痛,胸痛,頭痛,扁桃腺炎,乳腺炎,止痕癢。 用法用量:適量藥膏搽擦於患處。 日本製造

    FEI FAH Huihua Wanying Powerful Analgesic Cream 30G

    $128.00 $39.00

    Functions and IndicationsRelieve back pain, reduce swelling and pain, muscle fatigue, itchy skin, mosquito bites, headaches, neck and back pain, stiffness, sprains, colds and colds Application of specific drugs for...

    Jiatian Cream 30G

    $48.00 $25.00

    Muscle pain, itchy skin, insect biting

    Salombas high-efficiency plaster 10 pieces

    $168.00 $80.00

    Product descriptionThe over-the-counter pain relief plaster approved by the US FDA has enhanced efficacy and lasts for 12 hours: (1) Using SIS (styrene isoprene styrene) material, Strong penetration and quick...

    Thailand Tigerbalm Tiger Balm Analgesic Cloth Patch Analgesic Cloth Patch Cervical Back Pain

    $48.00 $108.00

    Product parameters: Brand: kyushin Place of Origin: Singapore Color classification: Green and cool 9 pcs/box, red warm 9 pcs/box, red warm 27 pcs/box, green cool 27 pcs/box Manufacturer: Haw Par...

    Lei's New Prescription Injury and Wetness Treasure Cream 10pcs

    $48.00 $10.00

    Proprietary Chinese medicine registration number HKP-215 Ingredients Compound Asarum Extract (Rhubarb, Shan Na, Gansong, Guangling Xiang, Qingpi, Chuanxiong, Myrrh, Nepeta, Asarum, Xinyi, Galangal, Cinnamon, Five Jiapi, tree peony bark, broadwood...




    HISAMITSU Hisamitsu Pharmaceutical Salombas Warm Straight Patch (for waist and back) 4'S

    $128.00 $58.00

    Detailed introduction Salon Pascal Patch-4 Hot Compression PatchesSize: 8.4cm x 13cmIt can effectively improve the blood circulation of the body, relieve muscle soreness, especially when you feel abdominal pain during...

    Shitongling Shitongling Anti-tumor Tonic Paste Gold Zhuangfeng Touguo Paste 10PCS

    $158.00 $35.00

    Relieving Pain Soothing Plaster 10pcs/box Damp Pain Spirit Gold Bounding Wind Tonic Paste x 1 Description: The pain relief cream is stretchable and can temporarily relieve the pain caused by...

    LION POROUS Chili Plaster-Boxed (a box of 24 pieces)

    $298.00 $95.00

    Product description German lion pepper plaster Promote body heat and treat pains in various parts of the body Indications: Low back pain, joint swelling and pain, muscle fatigue,Neck pain, shoulder...

    WU YANG BRAND Wuyang Brand Boiled Pain Relieving Cream (Can)

    $198.00 $45.00

    Product description Yangcheng Brand Dieda Analgesic Cream PowerEnergy: reduce swelling and relieve pain, promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis, tissue regeneration, strong bone management. Main Treatment: bruises, swelling and...



    詳細介紹 主治功能 : 骨質增生、肥大性脊椎炎、手足麻痺、退行性脊椎炎、風濕關節炎、腰肌勞損、骨節諸痛、扭傷骨折、腰肌腿痛、各種神經痛等症。

    ARTHRO STRONG Guleling Relief Pain Relieving Lotion 65G

    $168.00 $65.00

    This lotion is the essence of pure Chinese medicine. Through the special design of the massage ball, the medicine can easily penetrate into the skin. Description: Clean and dry the...

    Taikyo Strong Sensitive Ointment 32 Tablets

    $65.00 $25.00

    Adaptation: backache, bruises, sprains, stiff shoulders, muscle pain, muscle stiffness. Usage: Tear off the plaster and stick it directly on the affected area. Replace it once or twice a day....

    Tiger Balm Joint Rub 113ml

    $169.00 $89.00

    Tiger Mark Joint Cream Contains Tiger Mark’s unique joint soothing formula, added with glucosamine, chondroitin and organic sulfur Effectively relieve joint discomfort and restore joint flexibility The pump is designed...

    Singapore Tiger Balm Essential Oil Ointment 50g can

    $168.00 $58.00

    Chinese name] Tiger Balm Wanjin Oil Ointment [Product English name] Tiger Balm 【Usage and Dosage】Appropriate amount for external use, directly rub the affected area. Before using for children under two...

    HISAMITSU Hisamitsu Pharmaceutical Salon Thermal Plaster 12pcs

    $169.00 $62.00

    Detailed introduction The warm water formula can stimulate and help blood circulation, relieve bruises, sprains, muscle aches, shoulder stiffness, low back pain, muscle fatiguePlease refer to the package instructions for...


    $168.00 $45.00

      小花費,多用途,居家旅行好幫手。 味道清香,送禮自用,滲出溫馨,透出關懷。   功能與主治: 提神醒腦,舒筋活絡,止痛止癢,驅風,消炎散腫,蚊叮蟲咬,肌肉疲勞,肌肉酸痛,挫傷扭傷,舟車暈浪,湯火燙傷   主要成分: 冬青油,薄荷素油,桉油,白樟油,白凡士林,羊毛脂   使用方法: 治諸傷痛,先將痛處以溫水洗凈抹乾,以少許本品塗於患處,然後輕揉數分鐘。 用於提神醒腦,將少許本品擦於額上或胸背。 用於蚊叮蟲咬,將少許本品擦於患處。   注意事項: 只供外用。 外用搽劑,不可口服。 切勿觸及口腔及眼睛。 如皮膚有過敏反應,請即停止使用。 患有感冒、水痘或發熱病的兒童避免使用含有水楊酸甲酯的產品。 如對水楊酸甲酯有過敏反應者,使用本品前請諮詢中醫師或醫生意見。 兩歲以下小兒及孕婦忌用。 勿放置兒童可取得處。 請存放於陰涼處,使用后將蓋蓋好。

    ARTHRO STRONG 骨樂靈 止痛軟膏 60G

    $158.00 $65.00

    貨品描述 骨樂靈止痛軟膏 HRTHROSTRONG RNRLGESIC BRLM 主要成份 : 水楊酸甲酯(10% W/W), 薄荷.(15% w/w), 撞腦.(5% w/w) 功能: :消腫止痛,止癢鎮痛。 主治: 紓緩關節及肌肉疼痛、僵硬及絞痛症狀。例 如運動勞損、杻傷、腰酸背痛、膝蓋痛、肩 膊痛、頸痛及手肘痛等。 用法用量: :每曰塗搽患處三至四次,並用手按摩。 注意事項: 只供外用。避免兒童誤取。患有感冒,水痘或發熱病的兒童避免使用含 有水楊酸甲酯(冬青油)的產品。如對水楊 酸有過敏反應者,使用本品前請咨詢中醫師 或醫生意見。 包裝規格:15克及60克 儲 存:存放於,涼乾燥地方。 香港美利加藥廠有限公司製造   中成藥註冊編號:HKP-14690

    HISAMITSU Hisamitsu Pharmaceutical Salonshi Cool Penetrating Plaster 24 Pieces

    $268.00 $108.00

    Detailed introduction Notes: ☆ Some of the goods sold in this shop are parallel imported goods, which are directly imported from your own house, and all are 100% genuine. These...

    DAKKUKAI Anti-Bitter Sea External Analgesic Patch 24PCS

    $128.00 $48.00

    Packing specifications 12 pieces Country of origin Japan Description Tokuhon Dakkukai 12 medical plasters (6.5 cm x4.2 cm) Registration number HK-66142 .

    NING NAM Lingnan Wanying Analgesic Cream 70ML

    $128.00 $45.00

    Detailed introduction Functions and Indications: Relieve pain and reduce inflammation, relax muscles and muscles, refresh the brain, muscle fatigue, muscle aches, bruises, rheumatic bone pain, motion sickness, colds and headaches,...

    DAKKUKAI Anti-Bitter Sea External Analgesic Patch 12PCS

    $68.00 $28.00

    Packing specifications 12 pieces Place of Origin Japan Product description Temporarily relieve muscle and joint pain associated with back pain, bruises, sprains and stiff shoulders Detailed introduction Product selling point•...

    Taisho Kende Pain Relief Cream 120G COUNTERPAIN CREAM

    $168.00 $58.00

    Product description Japan Taisho "Kent" pain relief cream "Kent" analgesic cream Never greasyNot staining clothesStrong penetrating power Relieve muscle soreness and pain Prescription Friction Kende can temporarily relieve joint and...

    Thailand Counterpain Bristol-Myers Squibb Muscle Sore Cream 120g Cool Type

    $177.00 $68.00

    Brand name: Counterpain Product parameters: Brand: Counterpain Place of Origin: Thailand Manufacturer: Counterpain Product dosage form: Ointment Usage: Apply an appropriate amount to the affected area Dosage: Appropriate amount Generic...

    Hong Kong version imported Xingjiapo Jinbo Shi Wanying Pain Relieving Ointment, Relieving Pain, Dispelling Wind, Swelling and Defeating Original Genuine 65g

    $207.00 $30.00

    Product parameters: Brand: Singapore Golden Boss Place of Origin: Hong Kong Color classification: 65g/bottle Manufacturer: [Jinbo Shi   Xingjiapo Hongwei Pharmaceutical Company] Product dosage form: ointment Usage: Use 2-3 drops...

    Panado Pain Penetrating Pain Relief Patch 18 Pieces Pack

    $375.00 $79.00

    Quantity per piece 18 pieces How to use Adults and children 12 years of age or older:The stickers can be changed up to 3 times a day, depending on the...

    【梁財信 五像牌】活絡油

    $98.00 $48.00

    商品詳情 跌打疼痛、袪風止痛 功能: 具鎮痛及帆袪風止痛之效,亦於皮膚上產生沛清涼感以減輕不適及疼痛。 主治: 用於關節痛、腰酸背痛、肩頸疼痛、跌打疼痛、肌肉疼痛、胃腹疼痛、皮膚瘙癢及蚊帆蟲咬傷。   有效成份: 水楊酸甲酯(冬綠油),薄荷腦,樟腦(合成),桉油,松節油忌口服,只供外用 中成藥註冊編號: HKC-17707 每盒1瓶,每瓶50毫升

    AMMELTZ Hyperthermia (joint pain) 6PCS

    $48.00 $28.00

    New 8-hour continuous fever to relieve joint pain Product features The self-heating warming patch provides natural hyperthermia at an average temperature of 40°C for 8 hours. The heat quickly penetrates...

    星洲藥業萬裏追風腰椎肩周靈鎮痛膠布 (5片)

    $128.00 $40.00

    產品說明 本產品採用透特强伸縮性鎮痛膠布,對舒緩腰酸背痛、肩脖疼痛、運動扭傷、關節勞損等症狀特為見效。 適用:頸梗脖痛、腰背酸痛、運動損傷、風寒疫痛、跌打損傷、關節骨痛、肌肉酸痛。 功能:行氣活血、通經絡,開竅,對跌打腫傷、肌肉酸痛、關節骨痛、消腫止痛、活血化瘀、舒筋活絡、祛風除濕等有獨特療效。 用法用量:將患處洗乾淨抹幹,取出膏布,撕去膏布上的透明薄膜,貼於患處。每貼一次可維持2-3天,有需要時每日更換一至二次。 臺灣製造

    RUGOWON Centipede King Wanying Pain Relief Cream 65g

    $128.00 $30.00

    Product introduction: Quickly penetrate into muscle tissue, bones and joints Long lasting medicine and fragrant smell Functions to reduce swelling and pain, relax muscles and collaterals, promote blood circulation The...

    生春堂-一條根千里追風按摩膏 40G

    $198.00 $68.00

    ***效果因人而異,視乎不同身體狀況、年齡及生活習慣等因素有所不同。 注意事項:1. 請依照產品標籤上的使用方法、食用份量或醫生建議服用,切勿過量攝取。2. 個別人士或不宜服用,包括但不限孕婦、哺乳中的婦女、兒童、患有高血壓、心臟病、長期病患者、病者、正服用任何藥物之人士等,服用前應諮詢醫生意見,確認此產品適合你的需要。3. 如服用後有任何不適、過敏反應或特別症狀,請立即停服並諮詢醫生。4. 保健食品並不代替醫囑。此產品並不供作診斷、治療或預防任何疾病之用。5. 請遠離兒童及存放於陰涼乾燥處,避免陽光直射。

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