Vitamin C Double-Function Children's Mixed Fruit Flavor Chewable Tablets 90 Pieces (Vitamin C + Zinc)

    $198.00 $63.00

    Product descriptionVito C® dual-function chewable tablets for children have a unique "vitamin C + zinc", and its effective ingredients help children grow and develop children. Vitamin C helps speed up...

    Vitamin C Triple Action Vitamin C Effervescent Tablets (Orange Flavor) 30 Tablets

    $268.00 $76.00

    Product introduction:Main function:- Helps to enhance health against colds- Helps to reduce the duration and severity of colds- Helps to improve immunity, each tablet can get equal to 10 Fresh...

    Swiss Vidor C® 3-Efficacy Orange Flavor Water-soluble Tablets 30 Pieces (Orange Flavor)


    Product description Vitamin C has a unique "Vitamin C + Zinc". Zinc is particularly important for maintaining cellular immune function. Vitamin C speeds up recovery from a cold. The "dual...

    Redoxon維多C橙味兒童咀嚼片(維他命C) 60片


    維多C®維他命C兒童咀嚼片 每片維多C®維他命C兒童咀嚼片含200毫克維他命C,眾所周知維他命C能增強身體抵抗力,從而保障您與您家人的健康。 不含糖份 不含防腐劑 建議用量: 兒童(2-3歲): 每日一片 兒童(4-12歲): 每日兩片 13歲或以上人士: 每日三至四片 食用方法: 將適量的「維多C」咀嚼片放入口中慢慢咀嚼。 請保持瓶蓋密封。請存放於攝氏25⁰C以下,避免受熱及受潮。 請勿放置於兒童容易接觸之地方。建議給予可自行完全咀嚼及安全吞服的兒童服食。 請勿超出每日建議用量,正在接受藥物治療及/或有任何身體不適的人士服用前,或準備給予4歲以下兒童長期服用,請向藥劑師或醫生查詢。

    Vitamin C 3x Action Gummy 100 Capsules

    $168.00 $65.00

    Product descriptionVitamin D is added to the new formula of Vitamin C® (3-fold function), combined with Vitamin C and zinc to help protect everyone* and support the immune system. *...

    REDOXON Vitamin C Children's Vitamin C Orange Flavor Chewable Tablets 100'S

    $168.00 $78.00

    Product introduction Vito C® Children's Chewable Tablets contain 100 mg of vitamin C. It is well known that vitamin C can strengthen the body's resistance to protect the health of...

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