Germany SINLANIL Physiotherapy Powerful Elixir 60 Capsules

    $684.00 $218.00

    Product parameters: Brand: Good Physiotherapy Place of Origin: Hong Kong Manufacturer: Germany Natural Herbalist Lab. Product dosage form: Granules Usage: Adults take one capsule twice a day or follow the...

    HUNG WIN SIOCINIL special effects German elixirs 60PCS

    $298.00 $120.00

    Product name Special effect German elixidin Main ingredients Alisma orientalis, Tiankuizi, Lysimachia, Shiwei, Hai Jinsha and so on. Main function Gallstones, kidney stones, bladder stones, cystitis, digestion Sex disorders, hepatobiliary...

    Myda-B German Strong Elixir 150 Capsules Kidney Stone Elimination and Gallstone Elimination Genuine Original Imported Elixir

    $714.00 $150.00

    Hamburg, Germany, strong elixirs 150 capsules Modern urban people eat irregularly, eat too much bad cholesterol, and are exposed to environmental pollution. They are prone to different gallbladder, bile duct,...

    Germany imported BIOCIWME Lishisu 60 capsules

    $594.00 $120.00

    Brand name: BIOCIWME/ Lishisu The value of the product: Brand: BIOCIWME/利石素 Place of Origin: Germany Manufacturer: Laboratoria LAMBO N.V. Product dosage form: Capsule Usage: Twice daily Take one capsule at...

    German MCT Xiaoshi Su 150 Capsules (Wanning Version)

    $299.00 $198.00

    Commodity introduction:MCT Germany’s extra-strength xiaoshisu 150 capsules, extra-strong gold formula, and liquid capsules for easy absorption. Hong Kong’s best reputation of Xiaoshi Su, quality recommendation, four boxes of a course...

    鴻運牌 強力德國利膽靈 1x60粒裝

    $298.00 $120.00

    包裝 每盒 1 瓶 ; 每瓶 60 粒膠囊用量 成人每日二次,每次一粒或按照醫生指示服用。主治 膏淋(尿澀作痛)、補肝腎、膀胱結石(俗稱砂淋)、減輕由結石導致之消化不良、肝膽痙、膽囊、 膽管及機體虛弱調和生息保健劑。重量 59g中成藥註冊編號 HKP-15957

    [German Version] ROWA ROWACHOL Hepatobiliary Medicine 100 Capsules

    $298.00 $198.00

    German original ROWACHOL famous drug for hepatobiliary diseases 100 pieces per box Indications: biliary diseases (cholelithiasis, cholecystitis, cholangitis, biliary colic), bile duct dyskinesia, bile yellow; chronic hepatitis, viral hepatitis, liver...

    Dr. Wei Germany LEUCHTORM Concentrate Listol 150 PCS

    $699.00 $238.00

    The original name of "Dr. Wei" Lishisu is Xiaoshisu Why do I need to take "Dr. Weier" Lishisu? The splendid city night, fine wine and delicacies, and mouth-watering delicacies, it’s...

    German World Warsaw, Germany-Powerful Concentrated Lithogen 150 Capsules

    $368.00 $160.00

    Product details Germany World Warsaw, Germany-Powerful Concentrated Lithofen 150 Capsules Gallstones are high cholesterol in the bile secreted by the liver, which causes the bile to become sticky and hard...

    Munich, Germany, 150 capsules

    $468.00 $280.00

    Kidney stones⁉️urinary tract stones⁉️bladder stones⁉️gallstones⁉️urethral stones⁉️stone shower⁉️sand shower⁉️Don’t worry about the following German professional formulas that can make you easy to clear the stone ⚡️☄️ 🇩🇪MO💫🌈German strong eliminator⁉️ ☄️150 tablets...

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