Hong Kong Huang Dao Yi Huoluo Oil (50ml) Bruises Relieve Tendons, Huoluo Huayu and Scraping Oil

    $285.00 $58.00

    Packing specifications 50ml Place of Origin Hong Kong Product introduction 50-year-old brand, focusing on research and development, and attentively making pharmaceuticals. Huang Daoyi Huoluo Oil specifically relieves various pains. Made...

    RICQLES French Double Flyer Potion 50ML

    $168.00 $53.00

    French double flying potion, made in France, has a wide range of uses. It can be used internally and externally to disinfect and relieve inflammation, motion sickness, nausea, vomiting, abdominal...

    Yuen Fung Hong Pearl River Traditional Chinese Medicine Essence 30ML

    $168.00 $45.00

    Name: Dieda Medicine Essence Brand: Zhujiang Brand Place of Origin: ChinaNet Weight: 30ml Name:Dieda Medicine Essence 30ml Place of Origin:China Manufacturer:Heping Pharmaceutical Factory. Specification/Net content: xx grams per bottle:30ml Main...

    Liang Caixin Five Images Brand Tian Qi Boiled Wine 220ML

    $168.00 $48.00

    Product description Liang Caixin's Wuxiang Brand Tianqi Boiled Wine Functions and indications and usage Quelling wind and activating collaterals, dispersing fast and relieving pain Breeds, swelling, muscles and collaterals numbness,...

    Hong Kong Baoxin'an Oil (30ml) relieves muscle pain, dizziness and headache

    $177.00 $48.00

    Product description Baoxinan oil is a topical oil used to dispel wind and pain, relieve swelling, promote blood flow and stop itching, for colds and nasal congestion, dizziness and headache,...

    YULIN Bone Repairing Water Friction Pack 88ml

    $198.00 $56.00

    Detailed introduction Functions and Indications: Invigorate blood and remove blood stasis, relax muscles and collaterals, reduce swelling and relieve pain, used for bruises and sprains, and relieve fatigue before and...

    Jizhongtang Gujiahui Moxa Oil 20ML

    $108.00 $23.00

    Product description Gu Jiahui Ai Oil In addition to the selection of authentic Dragon Boat Festival wormwood leaves, this product is combined with ancient prescriptions, Taiyi Shen acupuncture medicine (ginseng,...

    San'er's special effect red syrup 165ML

    $198.00 $98.00

    Saner's Special Dieda Red Concoction 165MLSan'er's Special Dieda Red Concoction is all The original name of the plant preparation: Red Bile Three Er's special effect for bone-fragmentRed syrup description: Red...

    Jinbo Shi Jianglong Eighteen Tigers Snake Lumbar Cervical Spine Ischia Trane Hong Kong Original Broken-up Activating Oil 40ml

    $267.00 $45.00

    Brand name: Jinbo Shi Product parameters: Brand: Kim Boss Place of Origin: Hong Kong, China Color classification: 40ml Manufacturer: Singapore Hongwei Pharmaceutical Company Product dosage form: liquid agent for external...

    HOE HIN White Flower Oil No. 1 20ML

    $174.00 $55.00

    Place of Origin Hong Kong Product introduction Hong Kong Hexing White Flower Oil No.3 5ml Function:Dispelling wind, cooling, reducing inflammation, relieving pain, Xuanqiao XingshenApplication:Relieving nasal congestion caused by cold or...

    澳門張權-破痛油 38毫升

    $169.00 $75.00

    【規格】38毫升/瓶 【特點】驅*風*祛除*濕,散*瘀*腫,消**炎*生*肌,經敷*患*處,外界之生風生*濕*氣及細**菌不易侵入,發揮全面療*能,奏*效**神*速,誠革新可靠之扶*傷聖*葯也。     【用法】用兩或叁滴(視乎輕重而定)搽於患處,然後輕輕按摩。 每天3-4次,如有需要,每三小時可重複一次。 傷**患較輕可用藥棉蘸油頻搽便可,較重則可用紗布包藥棉蘸透此油敷貼患處,並施以適當包紮,每日換一至二次自能迅速止**血**止**痛生肌痊***愈。 【說明】皮膚敏*感者勿用。 不宜讓孩子拿取, 外用擦劑忌食, 詳情請參閱盒內說明書

    Wellingxian Chicken Male Snake Boiled Snake Gallbladder 40ML

    $168.00 $65.00

    Product description This product is made of ancient retort and refined by new method to dissipate blood stasis and dispel wind. Applicable: bruises, swelling and pain, rheumatic dampness and pain,...

    NUMOTIZINE Anle Daxian Anti-inflammatory Cream (99g)

    $168.00 $75.00

    Overview Applicable: Bruises and rheumatism, skin diseases, hemostasis, emergency treatment, water and fire burns, acne and acne, unnamed swelling and poison, sore throat, cold and heat pneumonia, whooping cough. It...

    Hong Kong Huaxing-Purple Flower Oil 26ml

    $68.00 $38.00

    Product parameters: Brand: Purple Flower Oil Place of Origin: Hong Kong, China Color classification: 6ml Manufacturer: Hong Kong Purple Flower Oil Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Product dosage form: external liquid agent...

    Tan Jin Tongmai All-Equivalent Oil (10ml)

    $69.00 $25.00

    Product description A must-have medicine for traveling at home. Applicable: dizziness, headache, motion sickness, cold abdominal pain, abdominal pain due to stagnation of air, cold and nasal congestion, itching and...

    Singapore Axe Brand Deodorant Oil 56ml

    $117.00 $35.00

    Product description [Ingredients] menthol, eucalyptus oil, wintergreen oil, camphor, xiangxuejing, and liquid paraffin as excipients. [Properties] This product is a colorless and transparent oily liquid with a fresh fragrance. [Functions...

    Yulin brand Yulin brand bone-setting water 100ML

    $98.00 $38.00

    Product introduction Yulin brand bone-setting water is one of the three famous Chinese bone-setting medicines, and it has been awarded the national quality award twice. It has special effects on...

    Xeroxan SLOAN'S-topical syrup 70ml

    $68.00 $35.00

    Detailed introduction What is Xeroxan topical syrup? It can relieve muscle or joint pain caused by strain, sprain, joint stiffness, bruise or backache. Valid into copies Capsicum oleoresin0.2%w/v, sassafras oil...

    FLYING Activating Oil 50ml

    $98.00 $45.00

    Unusual rheumatism and exercise formula Wind, cold and dampness enter the muscles, muscles, bones, and joints, causing blockage of the meridians and poor circulation of qi and blood; if it...

    Hong Kong Banzhong Bahetang Emergency Huatuo Oil (50ml)

    $174.00 $48.00

    Product description Hong Kong Class Zhongba Hetang Rescue Hua Tuo Oil Introduction to the founder of Hong Kong Class Zhongbahetang Jiji Huatuoyou The founder of Banzhong Bahetang Emergency Huatuo Oil...

    Li's Pharmaceutical Lisheng Bailing Medicinal Liquor 50ML

    $168.00 $85.00

    Li Sheng Bailing medicinal liquor It is extracted from the finest medicinal materials, and after several years of soaking, the effect is superior to the general products on the market....

    WONG LOP KONG Huang Liguang Massage Oil 30ML

    $98.00 $34.00

    Product description Huang Liguang Boiled Dehumidifying, Dispelling Wind and Pain Relieving Oil Huang Liguang Boiled Dehumidifying, Dispelling Wind and Pain Relief Oil is refined and formulated from Chinese medicine. It...

    EAGLE BRAND Eagle Brand Oil Essence 24ML

    $68.00 $28.00

    Product description This medicinal oil is refined from a German formula. It has a curative effect and a clear and fragrant taste. It can quickly and once and for all...

    Hong Kong Ma Shiliang Tang Powerful Activating Oil 50ml

    $180.00 $38.00

    Brand name: Ma Shiliangtang Product parameters: Brand: Ma Shiliangtang Place of Origin: Hong Kong Color classification: 50ml Manufacturer: Hong Kong Ma Shiliangtang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Product dosage form: Powder for...

    Monkey Peach Brand Thai Baiyao Oil 12ml

    $58.00 $15.00

    The monkey peach-labeled white medicinal oil is made from camphor, menthol, eucalyptus oil, cinnamon oil and peppermint oil. It can reduce swelling and pain, relieve scars and itching, relieve wind...

    RUGOWON Centipede King Safflower Oil 45ML

    $98.00 $38.00

    Product introduction: Using natural plant extracts and precious medicinal materials Long lasting medicine and fragrant smell Functions to reduce swelling and pain, relax muscles and collaterals, promote blood circulation Rapid...

    KWAN LOONG Wind Drive Oil 57ML

    $98.00 $28.00

    Detailed introduction Product descriptionIndications of dizziness and headache, boat and car motion sickness, cold and nasal congestion , Stomach pain, mosquito bites, muscle pain, back pain and sprains and contusions....

    Long Mao Wanying Zedoary Oil (40ml)

    $144.00 $25.00

    Product description Introduction to Lingnan Pharmaceutical Factory In 1923, Mr. Lu Manchang successively created safflower oil, nigga oil, white tree oil and various topical medicines in Singapore, which have excellent...

    Hong Kong Jinbo Shi Jianglong Eighteen Tiger Snake Shoulder Strain Bone Spur Ling Wind Relief Pain Relief Medicated Oil 40ml

    $128.00 $48.00

    Product parameters: Brand: Kim Boss Place of Origin: Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Color classification: 40ML Manufacturer: Singapore Hongwei Pharmaceutical Company Product dosage form: external liquid agent Usage: Use 2-3...

    和興 白花油(福仔239清幽) 10ML

    $69.00 $30.00

    功能及應用範圍 疏風散熱 消炎止痛 宣竅醒神 解除因傷風或感冒引起之鼻塞 減輕頭暈頭痛 暫時舒緩肌肉疼痛 舟車暈浪 對蚊蟲咬傷具止痕止癢作用 清涼消暑

    Jishengtang Zhengqianli Wind Oil (38ml)

    $168.00 $68.00

    Product description Jishengtang is chasing wind oil for thousands of miles Jishengtang Zhengqianli Chasing Wind Oil has a history of more than 20 years. It is extracted from natural plants...

    Salombas spray (85ml)

    $68.00 $35.00

    Product description A spray that is very suitable for exercise. It is purchased in Hong Kong and is made in Japan. During normal exercise, there are more or less injuries...

    Nanyang Pharmaceutical Factory Ace All-in-One Essence 50ML

    $98.00 $38.00

    Product description Quick wind and emergency treatment can cure all diseases Indications: Sudden fainting, wipe and wake up, discomfort at four o'clock in the elderly, plague, angina, pain, rapid, convulsion,...

    TJING TJAU Indonesian Green Grass Brand Green Grass Ointment 36g

    $98.00 $35.00

    Product details Efficacy: Eliminate redness and swelling from mosquito bites, relieve itching, eliminate soreness


    $98.00 $30.00

    Lu Rongchu Pain Relief Oil Indications: Suitable for sports bruises, sprains, muscle and joint pain, bruises, and mosquito bites. Function: Relieve blood stasis and relieve pain, relax tendons and activate...

    Hexing Flower Oil 10ml (Package 2)

    $49.00 $30.00

    Hexing White Flower Oil: Efficacy: relieve nasal congestion caused by cold or cold, relieve dizziness and headache, temporarily relieve muscle pain, motion sickness, anti-inflammatory and bactericidal effects, anti-itching effect on...

    MANYWAYS Activating Oil 50ml

    $168.00 $59.00

    Wanyitong active oil 50ml Product Lulu Breeds, swelling and pain, backaches, muscles and collaterals contraction, soothing muscles and collaterals.

    GOLDBOSS Centipede Scorpion Snake King Standard Activating Oil 45ML

    $198.00 $45.00

    Detailed introduction All kinds of pain know the taste. Throughout the back pain, numbness of the limbs, and collateral pain, there are three causes: people who often live in damp...

    Hong Kong Imada Safflower Oil 25ml, Activating blood to relieve pain, rheumatism, bone pain, bruises, joint swelling and swelling

    $207.00 $38.00

    Brand name: Yima Da Product parameters: Brand: Yimads Place of Origin: Hong Kong Color classification: 25ml/bottle Manufacturer: Hong Kong Lianhua Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Product dosage form: Liquid agent for external...

    Double Shrimp-Great East Asia Grass Oil 28ml

    $126.00 $25.00

    Place of Origin Singapore Product introduction Double Shrimp Label-Great East Asia Grass Oil 28ml Detailed introduction Remarks: For external use only, do not apply the liquid medicine to the eyes,...

    Hong Kong Fuxing Platinum Oil 12ml Cooling Oil can be taken orally

    $234.00 $36.00

    Brand: Fuxing Model: Fuxing Platinum Oil Place of Origin: Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions Suitable age: Adult Cooling oil medicinal oil: Cooling oil Specific specifications: 10.1-15ML/G Price unit: single...

    King Boss Hongwei Jianglong Eighteen Tiger Snake Clearance Thousand Miles Chasing Oil 40ml

    $267.00 $45.00

    Product description Jianglong, Eighteen Tigers and Snakes-Clear the customs for thousands of miles to chase the wind oil Living in the world, health is the greatest wealth, and longevity is...


    $98.00 $28.00

    貨品描述 金波士-海洋垃圾草油 藥品至繁,病情不一,通其性而恰其情,固屬難事,則配藥制方尤非易事。本品金波士海洋垃圾草油是採用 一種生長於法國、德國、葡萄牙、西班牙、義大利、英國、挪威等國的唇形科植物草。此草俗稱為垃圾草,此草具驅風,舒筋活絡,止痛等作用。 本藥油就是以其為主,加之中國名貴藥材提煉而成,氣味芬芳,宛如香水,本品除可當香水,日常擦抹額角、鼻端、藉可提神醒腦清新身體,更可幫助舒緩因工作緊張、腰酸背 痛'肩周疼痛、肌肉酸痛等症所引起的痛楚、實居家旅行,不可不備的良藥。   功能;驅風 適應幫助紆緩以下各症 風痛濕痛,驅風去濕,肌肉酸痛,腰椎疼痛,關節疼痛, 紓筋活絡,四肢麻木,跌打扭傷, 頭暈頭痛,提神醒腦,言難盡意,靠君善用。   本藥油氣味芬芳與眾不同故自面世以來,得到海內外各地華僑同胞信賴使用,藉此言謝。惟是魚目混珠者難防,萬望諸君購買時記得請認明金波士海洋垃圾草油及細察藥油氣味庶不致誤。   用法:用三數滴(梘乎輕重而定)搽於患處,然後輕輕按摩。每天3-4次,如有需要,每三小時可重複一次。   注意及警吿: 使用時切勿與傷口、眼睛及黏膜接觸,若情況發生,請即用水沖洗,如使用時若症狀紅腫持續或出現紅疹,應立即停止使用及 即請敎醫生,皮膚敏感者勿用。患有感冒、水痘或發熱病的兒童避免使用含有水楊酸甲酯的產品及如對水楊酸有過敏反應者, 使用本品前請諮詢中醫師或醫生意見。宜六歲以上兒童及成人外用。請放在清涼乾爽的地方。不宜讓孩子拿取,外用擦劑忌食。   Major Ingredients 王要成份、 Lavender Oil 黃衣草油 1.9%, White Oil 白油22.2% , Turpentine Oil 松節油22,2% , Winter Green Oil 冬青油Camphor Powder Syn....

    泰國上標油 25ml

    $10.00 $40.00

    泰國上標油 25ml 泰國藥品聞名東南亞,是每逢到泰國旅遊必買的手信之一,便宜、好用,都是泰國藥品的特點。在云云泰國藥品當中,泰國上標油一直備受推薦,亦獲得藥界所認同。上標油原產地泰國,橘色的包裝,印以中文正字「上標油」,鮮明易見。中國著名中醫師陳龍容先生於在三十年代移居泰國,眼見當時醫藥配套欠缺,他將中國醫術及配方引入泰國,幫助當地人民,陳醫師所獨特配方調配的藥油其後被徒弟韋炳書發揚光大,成為著名的泰國上標油。 泰國上標油功效廣泛,針對跌打損傷、扭筋痲痺非常有效,同時能消除肚風脹氣、蚊叮蟲咬、減輕感冒症狀、頭暈眼眩。 減輕感冒症狀、頭暈眼眩 消除肚風脹氣、扭筋痲痺、跌打損傷、紅腫發炎、蚊叮蟲咬 用法:成人及兩歲以上兒童,敷本產品於患處,輕輕按摩直至藥油完全滲透為止。每天可使用3-4次。

    JAMACO Sing Chew Gold All-Ying Turmeric Oil 40ML

    $68.00 $28.00

    Product description Singzhou Wanying turmeric oil has been marketed at home and abroad for decades. This medicinal oil is refined and refined from rising Chinese herbal medicines. It has a...

    BANJEMIN Lion Oil 45ML

    $68.00 $20.00

    Product description Benzhiwen lion oil Active ingredients: 9% turpentine, 3% camphor, 0.5% case oil. Functions: Relieve muscles and collaterals, promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis, stop bleeding and relieve...

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