Hong Kong Huang Dao Yi Huoluo Oil (50ml) Bruises Relieve Tendons, Huoluo Huayu and Scraping Oil

    $285.00 $49.00

    Packing specifications 50ml Place of Origin Hong Kong Product introduction 50-year-old brand, focusing on research and development, and attentively making pharmaceuticals. Huang Daoyi Huoluo Oil specifically relieves various pains. Made...

    Yiling Lianhua Qingwen Capsules 24PCS

    $169.00 $38.00

    Product description Quantity per piece 1 bag per box, 2 plates per bag, 12 grains per plate, 0.35 g per grain. How to use Oral. 4 capsules at a time,...

    Cortal adult tablets 20 tablets

    $138.00 $40.00

    Function:Ketong™ adult tablets can quickly eliminate headaches, fever, toothaches and mild throat inflammation and general muscle pain caused by common colds and flu. Suitable people:Headache, fever, toothache, throat irritation and...


    $55.00 $28.00

    Product description African Sea Coconut Cough Syrup has outstanding effects and is well-known. This is a famous East African specialty "Sea Coconut" as its trademark. It is a comprehensive prescription...

    BAO SHU TANG Bao Fu Ling Compound Catalina Cream 50g

    $498.00 $165.00

    Suitable for skin swelling and pain after fire burn, skin allergies, shoulder pain, mosquito bites, skin itching, etc. Beijing Baoshutang's town shop products, home essential Baoshutang is a national GMP...

    SHE-KO Ruyi Ointment Hemorrhoid Ointment Eczema Ointment Cooling and Relieving Itching 20g

    $68.00 $25.00

    Ruyi ointment contains bactericidal function, which is very suitable for treating skin diseases such as itching, skin rash, abrasions, bruises, cuts, mosquitoes and insect bites. In addition, it has special...

    Panadol 24 Tablets


    "The price of the product includes tax" Bilitong Special Strong Cold and Cold Pills Extra strong formula, repel 6 major colds and flu symptoms in one go, including nasal congestion,...

    NONG'S Nong's Cough Relief Granule (Zhisou Powder) 4Gx6'S

    $128.00 $35.00

    Product description Nongbenfang cough granules Functions and Indications It can quickly relieve various symptoms such as headache and fever, nasal congestion, runny nose, yellow sputum, sore throat, thirst and skeletal...

    漳州片仔癀跌打精噴劑 (60ML 支裝)新包裝

    $168.00 $98.00

    產品規格 漳州片仔癀跌打精噴劑 (60ML 支裝) 產品特點 功能: 活血化瘀, 消腫止痛舒筋活絡, 止血療傷

    Huaan Qufeng Analgesic Cream 36g

    $68.00 $35.00

    Description Singapore Huaan Qufeng Analgesic Cream 36g (Rheumatism/Cold/Itching/Scald) Place of Origin: 100% brand new original direct delivery from Singapore Brand: Huaan Brand Handshake Trademark Adaptation: Fibritis, neuralgia, rheumatism, sore hands...

    NIN JIOM Kyoto Ninjian Honey Refined Chuanbei Loquat Cream 300ML

    $128.00 $40.00

    Detailed introduction Kyoto Ninjian Chuanbei Loquat Ointment SeriesStrengthen the lungs and nourish the throat inside and outsideModern people’s life is fast-paced, life is reversed day and night, frequent social interactions,...

    Hong Kong Pan Gao Shou Chuan Bei Loquat Loquat 150ML

    $68.00 $22.00

    Hong Kong Pan Gaoshou Chuanbei Loquat Dew Detailed Product Description: Specializing in old and new coughs and sticky phlegm, hard cough, aphonia, dry throat, dumb throat pain Specifications: 150ml Function:...

    OTUJI 60 Tablets

    $298.00 $120.00

    Japan Zhibituo Special Sore Pills is a famous Japanese medicine. It is refined by NIHON VITAMIN CHEMICAL CO, LTD., a famous Japanese pharmaceutical company, after many years. The restlessness of...

    Kyoto Ninjian Chuanbei Cough Powder 6PACKS

    $68.00 $26.00

    Detailed introduction "Herbal Wisdom | Scientific Research Achievements"Nianci’an Scientific Chinese Medicine Series is extracted from natural Chinese herbal medicines into high-strength concentrated essence, and then Dry into granules. With natural...

    Beijing Tongrentang Niuhuang Jiedu Tablets (Vegetarian Tablets) 8 Tablets x 12 Bottles/Box

    $128.00 $43.00

    Niuhuang Jiedu Tablets (Vegetarian Tablets) Functions and indications Clear heat and detoxify, dispel wind and relieve pain. Used for lung and stomach heat accumulation: dizziness, sore mouth and nose, toothache...

    CURCYRIN Athlete's Foot 3'S x 15g

    $168.00 $83.00

    "Athlete's Foot" is a special medicine carefully formulated by German dermatologists for fungal infections (tinea). The formula has been registered and approved by the Hong Kong Department of Health and...

    Yuen Fung Hong Pearl River Traditional Chinese Medicine Essence 30ML

    $168.00 $45.00

    Name: Dieda Medicine Essence Brand: Zhujiang Brand Place of Origin: ChinaNet Weight: 30ml Name:Dieda Medicine Essence 30ml Place of Origin:China Manufacturer:Heping Pharmaceutical Factory. Specification/Net content: xx grams per bottle:30ml Main...

    NONG'S Nong's Formula Cold Granule (Yinqiao Powder) 4Gx6PCS

    $99.00 $35.00

    Product description Nongbenfang cold granules Functions and Indications It can quickly relieve various symptoms such as headache and fever, nasal congestion, runny nose, yellow sputum, sore throat, thirst and skeletal...

    CHAN LI CHAI Fuzi Lizhong Wan 10PCS

    $258.00 $98.00

    Function: Nourish the spleen and warm the stomach. Indications: Deficiency of the middle qi and cold, constant night coughing, frequent spitting up of cold sputum, weakness of the spleen and...

    Japan Hole Nippon Xuetong 60 Capsules Improves Cerebral Infarction Blood Vessels (Watsons Edition)


    Detailed introduction [Product]: HEALTH promote blood circulation 60 capsules/bottle [Product Features]: This product is mainly for blood problems, which can effectively promote blood circulation and help health. [Main Ingredients]: Gymnema...

    Beijing Tongrentang 【Tongrentang】Angong Niuhuang Pill (1 capsule) 3g/tablet

    $1,699.00 $1,098.00

    [Tongrentang] Angong Niuhuang Pills Functions and Indications [Tongrentang] Angong Niuhuang Pills are based on the ancient prescription of the famous febrile disease expert Wu Jutong in the Qing Dynasty in...

    NUMOTIZINE Anle Daxian Anti-inflammatory Cream (99g)

    $168.00 $75.00

    Overview Applicable: Bruises and rheumatism, skin diseases, hemostasis, emergency treatment, water and fire burns, acne and acne, unnamed swelling and poison, sore throat, cold and heat pneumonia, whooping cough. It...

    FUNG WING TAI FUNG WING TAI Wanying Bone Cream 1PC

    $138.00 $28.00

    (Feng Rongtai) Wanying Guluo After years of clinical trials, the drug has an effective rate of 95% for bone spurs testimonials Active ingredients: Rhizoma Gastrodiae 0.68% Myrrha 1.37% Eucommia Cortex...

    YULIN Bone Repairing Water Friction Pack 88ml

    $198.00 $56.00

    Detailed introduction Functions and Indications: Invigorate blood and remove blood stasis, relax muscles and collaterals, reduce swelling and relieve pain, used for bruises and sprains, and relieve fatigue before and...

    Japan Otsuka Oronain frostbite h ointment Hong Kong version, frostbite, swelling, itching and pain

    $32.00 $62.00

    Product parameters: Brand: Charity Place of Origin: Japan Color classification: 100g/box Manufacturer: Japan Product dosage form: powder for external use Usage: For external use, apply directly to the affected area...

    DING CHOU Bad breath pills 120PCS

    $168.00 $78.00

    Instructions: Efficacy: It can increase fluid and produce body fluid, moisturize the intestines and relax bowel movements, cool blood and detoxify, smooth qi and reduce phlegm, invigorate the stomach and...

    MUSRUB Strong Rheumatism Pain Relief Rubbing Cream 108G HEAT RUB

    $168.00 $40.00

    Product description "Yongwei" analgesic friction cream Warm up before exercise to reduce the chance of sports injuries The American formula "Yongwei" is your best choice to end the treatment of...

    YEE TIN TONG Toxin-removing and muscle-promoting ointment 8G

    $58.00 $13.00

     Name:Hong Kong Ertiantang Detoxifying and Promoting Muscle Ointment Indications: Abrasion injuries, rotten feet, rash, eczema, itchy skin, malignant abscesses, mosquito bites Usage: If there is no rotting and running...

    WEISEN-U Weisen-U 100 capsules, gastritis, stomachache, gastric ulcer

    $384.00 $125.00

    Product description "Wei Xian U" double-layer gastric medicine formula, the outer layer "antacid" first gradually neutralizes the excess gastrointestinal acid, and the inner layer "gastric acid" immediately exerts its effect,...

    PURAGOLD Ganoderma Lucidum Six Colors 90 Capsules

    $886.00 $750.00

    We only provide the best Ganoderma passion Embrace health and PuraGold Lifetime®. Uncompromising choicePuraGold ® source, only high-quality wild Ganoderma lucidum from its natural source, continuously improving identification and authentication...

    Liang Caixin Five Images Brand Tian Qi Boiled Wine 220ML

    $168.00 $48.00

    Product description Liang Caixin's Wuxiang Brand Tianqi Boiled Wine Functions and indications and usage Quelling wind and activating collaterals, dispersing fast and relieving pain Breeds, swelling, muscles and collaterals numbness,...

    Xiehetang Wubaosan 12 bottles

    $68.00 $29.00

    Product description Xiehetang-Wubaosan The function of this pill is mainly to treat: epilepsy, vomiting, stomachache, stomachache, inadequate water and soil, watery diarrhea, stomachache, gastrointestinal discomfort, , Gastrointestinal bad breath, nervousness...

    Beijing Tongrentang Huoxiang Zhengqi Tablets (100 Tablets)

    $128.00 $38.00

    Introduction:Relieving the appearance of dampness, regulating qi and neutralizingused for exogenous wind-cold, internal injury and damp stagnationPlace of Origin:ChinaIngredients:Ponghuo Sesame oil, perilla leaf oil, Angelica dahurica, tangerine peel, Poria, Qing...

    HUNG WIN SIOCINIL special effects German elixirs 60PCS

    $298.00 $180.00

    Product name Special effect German elixidin Main ingredients Alisma orientalis, Tiankuizi, Lysimachia, Shiwei, Hai Jinsha and so on. Main function Gallstones, kidney stones, bladder stones, cystitis, digestion Sex disorders, hepatobiliary...

    AU KAH CHUEN Skin Lotion 24ml

    $128.00 $38.00

    Product introduction: Hong Kong feet, mosquito bites, rashes, acne, itchy skin Usage: Clean the affected area with warm water, wipe dry and apply skin water 3-4 times a day. If...

    Vitamin C Triple Action Vitamin C Effervescent Tablets (Orange Flavor) 30 Tablets

    $268.00 $98.00

    Product introduction:Main function:- Helps to enhance health against colds- Helps to reduce the duration and severity of colds- Helps to improve immunity, each tablet can get equal to 10 Fresh...

    釣魚牌 李萬山整腸丸 35粒/50粒

    $48.00 $20.00

    李萬山釣魚牌整腸丸35粒 溫中和胃、理氣止痛、適用於邪滯中焦所致的噁心、😵嘔吐、納差、胃痛、腹痛、胃脹、😖泄瀉等症及😱急性胃炎、急性腸炎見上述症候者。 🍻🍺🎂🌮🌭🍕主治功效:減輕因飲食不節、消化不良、及水土不服而導致的腸胃不適、偶發性腹瀉、腹痛、噁心、嘔吐。 快來樂購健商城選購熱賣產品❣️ *由於價格隨時變動,最終價格以商城的價格為準

    Hirudoid Ointment (40g)

    $238.00 $78.00

    Product description Extra-Strength Hiruto Ointment contains Organo Heparinoid ingredients prepared by the Louis Po Pharmaceutical Factory, and every 100 grams of ointment contains 40,000 tissues. Applicable: General vein care (prevention...

    LEI SHI Shanghai Liushen Pills 100 Tablets

    $168.00 $55.00

    Product description Lei Shi-Liu Shen Wan [Score] Artificial musk[15%], bezoar[15%], cinnabar[15%], realgar[20%], toad venom [2G%], others[15%]. [Function]: Clearing away heat and detoxification, anti-inflammatory and analgesic. 【Scope of application】It is used...


    $568.00 $150.00

    Product description Contains Ginkgo biloba extract, flavonoids and ginkgolide active ingredients. The origin of ginkgo The ginkgo tree is one of the oldest trees in the world. It is called...

    San'er's special effect red syrup 165ML

    $198.00 $85.00

    Saner's Special Dieda Red Concoction 165MLSan'er's Special Dieda Red Concoction is all The original name of the plant preparation: Red Bile Three Er's special effect for bone-fragmentRed syrup description: Red...

    KELO COTE Scar gram repair scar cream 15G


    Packing specifications 15g Place of Origin United States Product introduction - Transparent- Self-drying- Can maintain skin moisture balance- Used to treat healed wounds and scars after sealing the skin surface-...

    雲南白藥膠囊 16粒

    $169.00 $58.00

    採用雲南特産名貴藥材,適用於各種跌打損傷及腫痛等身體不適。 主治︰化疲止血,活血止痛,解毒消腫。用於跌打損傷,疲血腫痛,吐血、咳血、便血、痔血、崩漏下血,瘡瘍腫毒及軟組織挫傷,閉合性骨折,支氣管擴張及肺結核咳血,潰瘍病出血,以及皮虜感染性疾病。 三七、冰片、穿山龍、山藥、老鶴草 一次0.25克-0.5克,一日4次(二至五歲按1/4劑量服埋;六至十二歲按1/2劑量服用)。 凡遇較重之跌打镇傷可先服保險子1粒,輕傷及其他病症不必服。

    CHING TAK TONG Zhengdetang Liushen Maru 1000PCS

    $588.00 $150.00

    Zhengdetang Liushen Maru [Taishan Brand] Indications: clearing away heat, detoxifying, reducing swelling, relieving pain, lung and stomach heat, causing sore throat and rotten larynx, single and double breast moths, difficulty...

    FEI FAH Huihua Wanying Powerful Analgesic Cream 30G

    $128.00 $39.00

    Functions and IndicationsRelieve back pain, reduce swelling and pain, muscle fatigue, itchy skin, mosquito bites, headaches, neck and back pain, stiffness, sprains, colds and colds Application of specific drugs for...

    DAKKUKAI Anti-Bitter Sea External Analgesic Patch 12PCS

    $68.00 $28.00

    Packing specifications 12 pieces Place of Origin Japan Product description Temporarily relieve muscle and joint pain associated with back pain, bruises, sprains and stiff shoulders Detailed introduction Product selling point•...

    SW cimetidine (60 tablets) 400MG

    $268.00 $120.00

    Relieve heartburn, indigestion, hyperacidity, bloating and stomach pain caused by the above conditions

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