Hong Kong Huang Dao Yi Huoluo Oil (50ml) Bruises Relieve Tendons, Huoluo Huayu and Scraping Oil

    $285.00 $49.00

    Packing specifications 50ml Place of Origin Hong Kong Product introduction 50-year-old brand, focusing on research and development, and attentively making pharmaceuticals. Huang Daoyi Huoluo Oil specifically relieves various pains. Made...

    RICQLES French Double Flyer Potion 50ML

    $168.00 $43.90

    French double flying potion, made in France, has a wide range of uses. It can be used internally and externally to disinfect and relieve inflammation, motion sickness, nausea, vomiting, abdominal...

    Hong Kong Tianshoutang Aunt-in-law pills for menstruation and aunt-in-law 10 capsules*12 bottles/box

    $1,074.00 $265.00

    Product description Hong Kong Tianshoutang created a world-famous medicine from ancient and modern times. It is made of high-quality medicine. Tested by a doctor of medicine. Recommend wholeheartedly. Tonic blood...

    Shoushi Medicine Room Tibet Stomach Holy 1BOX

    $180.00 $35.00

    Product Description Specification and packaging: This product is packed in a small box, one day's serving amount Origin: Hong Kong Manufacturer: Produced by Hong Kong Shoushi Pharmacy Shelf life; three...

    Yunnan Baiyao Plaster (5pcs)

    $168.00 $78.00

    Introduction: Invigorate blood, reduce swelling and relieve pain Using Yunnan specialty and precious medicinal materials Place of Origin:Yunnan, China Ingredients:Notoginseng, borneol, pansophora, Chinese yam, geranium, wormwood (made), etc. Long history,...

    NIN JIOM Kyoto Ninjian Honey Refined Chuanbei Loquat Cream 300ML

    $128.00 $40.00

    Detailed introduction Kyoto Ninjian Chuanbei Loquat Ointment SeriesStrengthen the lungs and nourish the throat inside and outsideModern people’s life is fast-paced, life is reversed day and night, frequent social interactions,...

    Liang Caixin Five Images Brand Tian Qi Boiled Wine 220ML

    $168.00 $48.00

    Product description Liang Caixin's Wuxiang Brand Tianqi Boiled Wine Functions and indications and usage Quelling wind and activating collaterals, dispersing fast and relieving pain Breeds, swelling, muscles and collaterals numbness,...

    漳州 片仔癀膠囊6粒裝

    $1,990.00 $750.00

    [性    狀] 本品為硬膠囊,內容物為棕黃色的顆粒及細粉;氣香,味苦、微甘。 [功能主治] 清熱解毒、涼血化瘀,消腫止痛。用於熱毒血瘀所致急慢性病毒性肝炎,癰疽療瘡,無名腫毒,跌打損傷及各種炎症。 [規    格] 每粒裝0.3克 × 6粒/盒 [生產地] 中華人民共和國 [用法] 口服,一次2粒,一至五歲兒童一次1粒,一日3次,或遵醫囑。 [禁    忌] 孕婦忌服。 [注意事項] 本品含天然麝香,運動員慎用。 [*實際效果因人而異 Actual Result vary]

    Hong Kong Pan Gao Shou Chuan Bei Loquat Loquat 150ML

    $68.00 $22.00

    Hong Kong Pan Gaoshou Chuanbei Loquat Dew Detailed Product Description: Specializing in old and new coughs and sticky phlegm, hard cough, aphonia, dry throat, dumb throat pain Specifications: 150ml Function:...

    Hexing Activating Oil 50ml

    $98.00 $38.00

    Function: Quiet wind and collaterals, relieves pain, relieves redness and swelling, and temporarily relieves the slight pain of joints and muscles caused by sprains or cramps. Description Apply 2 to...

    BAO SHU TANG Bao Fu Ling Compound Catalina Cream 50g

    $498.00 $165.00

    Suitable for skin swelling and pain after fire burn, skin allergies, shoulder pain, mosquito bites, skin itching, etc. Beijing Baoshutang's town shop products, home essential Baoshutang is a national GMP...

    Longjiang Brand-Zhangzhou Compound Pien Tze Huang Liver Bao 60 Tablets/Box

    $1,980.00 $765.00

    Place of Origin China Product introduction [Longjiang Brand] Zhangzhou Compound Pien Tze Huang Gan Bao is a national secret medicine exclusively produced by Zhangzhou Pharmaceutical Factory. For traditional Chinese herbal...

    Baiyun Mountain 701 Analgesic Cream for Dieda 10cm*400cm

    $186.00 $53.00

    Product description Please read the instruction manual carefully and use it according to the instructions or purchase and use under the guidance of the tiller Instructions for 701 Dieda Analgesic...

    Wei Yuantang Fuzheng Yangyin Pills Helps positive qi and dispels disease

    $698.00 $218.00

    Functions / Indications:Helping righteousness, preventing illness and strengthening the body, warming yang and dispelling cold, replenishing qi and invigorating the spleen. It is suitable for the symptoms of fatigue, fatigue,...

    BEIJING TONG REN TANG Li Shizhen Niuhuang Jiedu Tablets 100PCS

    $264.00 $40.00

    Detailed introduction How to take: Orally, 2 tablets each time, 2 times a day. Notes: Pregnant women should not take it, avoid eating spicy and thick flavor. It is recommended...

    Germany SINLANIL Physiotherapy Powerful Elixir 60 Capsules

    $684.00 $165.00

    Product parameters: Brand: Good Physiotherapy Place of Origin: Hong Kong Manufacturer: Germany Natural Herbalist Lab. Product dosage form: Granules Usage: Adults take one capsule twice a day or follow the...

    CHING ON TONG Zhengantang Children's Cold Supplement 120ML


    Product description This product is refined from traditional Chinese medicinal materials such as honeysuckle, forsythia, platycodon, peduncle, nepeta, parsnip, northern almond, licorice, orange, chuanbei, mint, etc. Mainly for children with...

    Xiehetang Wubaosan 12 bottles

    $68.00 $29.00

    Product description Xiehetang-Wubaosan The function of this pill is mainly to treat: epilepsy, vomiting, stomachache, stomachache, inadequate water and soil, watery diarrhea, stomachache, gastrointestinal discomfort, , Gastrointestinal bad breath, nervousness...

    Yulin brand Yulin brand bone-setting water 100ML

    $98.00 $38.00

    Product introduction Yulin brand bone-setting water is one of the three famous Chinese bone-setting medicines, and it has been awarded the national quality award twice. It has special effects on...

    TRUMPET Horn Brand Zhenglu Pill Sugar Coating 36 Capsules

    $85.00 $34.00

    Product description Indications: Relief of occasional diarrhea, diarrhea, fullness and discomfort caused by indigestion, gastrointestinal discomfort, vomiting due to improper food, inadequate water and soil, tooth decay. Place of Origin:...

    Hong Kong version of Imata Activating Oil 40ml Original imported genuine bruises Shujin Activating joint redness and swelling

    $267.00 $38.00

    Brand name: Ima Da Product parameters: Brand: Yimads Place of Origin: Hong Kong Color classification: 40ml/bottle Manufacturer: Hong Kong Lianhua Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Product dosage form: Liquid agent for external...

    COW'S HEAD BRAND Niutou Tongxue Pills Jizhongtang Niutou Tongxue Pills

    $268.00 $68.00

    Product description Nutou Brand Tongxue Pills 【Nutou Brand Tongxue Pills】specially treat liver damage and vascular sclerosis, help smooth blood circulation, reduce deficiency and fire, clear blood collaterals, prevent high blood...

    星洲保安靈 12包裝

    $65.00 $35.00

    不含亞士匹靈; 對腸胃不會造成刺激;能在腸胃迅速溶解; 主治:頭痛/經痛/肌肉痛/傷風感冒所引致的發熱症狀 品牌國家 新加坡

    和興 白花油(福仔239清幽) 10ML

    $69.00 $30.00

    功能及應用範圍 疏風散熱 消炎止痛 宣竅醒神 解除因傷風或感冒引起之鼻塞 減輕頭暈頭痛 暫時舒緩肌肉疼痛 舟車暈浪 對蚊蟲咬傷具止痕止癢作用 清涼消暑

    Baohetang Monkey Jujube Powder (10 sticks)

    $168.00 $78.00

    Product description This product is based on ancient recipes passed down in our country, and is refined by using super precious food therapy, so it can improve sleep, soothe the...

    Hong Kong Liangyixuan Three Snake Gallbladder Dried Tangerine Peel 10 Sticks

    $168.00 $78.00

    Hong Kong Liangyixuan Sanshedan Chenpi Mo There is a method for refining gallbladder, a prescription for pharmacy, a degree of cooperation, a suitable furnace fire, and Chenpi is a good...

    Liangyixuan Three Snake Gallbladder and Chuan Bei Mo 10 sticks

    $168.00 $78.00

    Description Sanbao Chuanbei dried tangerine peel, dispelling wind, relieving cough, resolving phlegm, fullness, bloating, wind-cold cough Relieve cough and moisturize the lungs, resolve phlegm and relieve asthma.Indications of cough caused...

    Beijing Tongrentang Jianbu Tiger Qian Pills (1000 capsules)

    $698.00 $368.00

    Product description Beijing Tongrentang Jianbuhuqian Pill is suitable for waist and leg pain, joint pain, muscle weakness, numbness of the limbs, less blood and more wind, head wind, headache, brain...

    Baiyuantang Ganoderma lucidum ginseng white phoenix pills 6 pieces

    $398.00 $145.00

    Detailed introduction [Proprietary Chinese Medicine Registration Number]HKP-12153 [Efficacy] Regulates and nourishes the body, promotes blood circulation and nourishes qi. [Indications] Weak body and insufficient blood. [Packing Specifications] Each box6small box,The...

    MERZ Swiss Pantogar® Multiply Plus (90capsule(s))

    $498.00 $280.00

    Product specifications Commodity name: MERZSwitzerland Pantogar® Double Fat Plus (90capsule(s)) Product ID: 103074303001 Brand:MERZ Efficacy: Men's nursed back to health Category: Beauty Supplements Product gross weight: 90 capsule(s) Product origin:...

    Masaru Japan Japanese Heart Pill 100 Tablets [Manning Version]

    $698.00 $365.00

    Product introduction: Heart saviorHe Chinese medicine cardiotonic Made in Japan, safe and reliable quality Hong Kong registered drugs-proprietary Chinese medicine registration number: HKP-01872 This product is made by long-term clinical...

    Ganoderma Lucidum Pharmaceutical Factory Ten Ling Pill 10 sticks

    $128.00 $30.00

    Commodity name: Ganoderma Lucidum Pharmaceutical Factory Shiling Pill The [Shi Ling Dan] created by this pharmaceutical factory has been popular at home and abroad, and has been marketed for decades....

    CURCYRIN Athlete's Foot 3'S x 15g

    $168.00 $83.00

    "Athlete's Foot" is a special medicine carefully formulated by German dermatologists for fungal infections (tinea). The formula has been registered and approved by the Hong Kong Department of Health and...

    PO WO TONG Baohetang Tiaojing Gusao Pills 120 Capsules

    $398.00 $168.00

    Product description Using precious natural and authentic ingredients, it has a soothing and improving effect for modern women and healthy people. Function: Enhance menstrual resistance, relieve menstrual and postpartum emotional...

    Yongjitang Refined Powerful Tianxi Pills 300PCS

    $298.00 $135.00

    Product introductionYongjitang refined Qiangli Tianxi pill Rehmannia, Rehmannia, Angelica, Ginseng, Chuanxiong, Polygala, Lycium barbarum, Gorgon, Salvia, Ganoderma, Pearl, Bird’s Nest, Cordyceps and a variety of precious Chinese medicinal materials. In...

    New Zealand Fox FOX Blood Tonic Gamma Globulin Pills 60 Capsules

    $698.00 $298.00

    Product description Product introduction -Contains a large amount of protein and no pharmaceutical ingredients, so you can take it with peace of mind -Quickly replenish physical strength, strengthen functions, accelerate...

    Clam Shell Medicine Line Clam Shell Stomach Powder (12 packs)

    $98.00 $35.00

    Product description It is an ancient Chinese prescription. In the current century, science is prosperous, medicine is progressing, and it is adapted to human health. The owner of this medicine...

    CHAN LI CHAI Ginseng Hygiene Pills 4pcs

    $268.00 $108.00

    Function: To replenish qi and blood, and nourish the kidney. Indications: deficiency of qi and blood, frequent urination, fatigue of the limbs, weakness and coldness of the lower limbs. Usage:...

    YUNNAN BAIYAO Yunnan Baiyao Plaster (5pcs)

    $169.00 $59.00

    Long history, well-known at home and abroad Specifications: 5 pieces/box, each piece is 6.5cm*10cm Usage: stick to the affected area for 8-12 hours Validity period: 3 years. The specific date...

    Cyprofen Capsules 50 Capsules

    $98.00 $35.00

    Samycin Capsules Product name: Saimyan Capsules (Saiweian Capsules) Main raw materials: Borneol, soft gypsum. Main functions: clearing away heat and stopping bleeding, astringent and dispelling dampness, transforming decay and promoting...

    Germany HUNG WIN KOESTRIL Special Effect Kidney Spirit 50's

    $298.00 $180.00

    Product description German special effect Shenling is a herbal preparation that does not contain chemicals and is absolutely non-toxic. Clinical experiments have confirmed that it has significant effects on acute...

    Beijing Tongrentang Quanchang Zhifuping Xuedu Pills 200 capsules

    $98.00 $38.00

    Product description Ingredients: Madder, burdock seed, Nepeta spike, Forsythia, Imperata cylindrica root, Red peony root, Angelica sinensis, Kudi Ding, Saponaria japonicus, Cocklebur, Parsnip, Smilax chinensis, Caulis spatholobi, Bitter almond, Peony...

    German ARTHRIC-S Ciguling 180 Capsules

    $508.00 $258.00

    Product description A bottle of 200 capsules, the latest packaging date, the latest invention of powerful anti-rheumatic bone spurs, arthritis, and gout. "German formula of Shiguling Powerful Mishichi Pills" is...


    $568.00 $150.00

    Product description Contains Ginkgo biloba extract, flavonoids and ginkgolide active ingredients. The origin of ginkgo The ginkgo tree is one of the oldest trees in the world. It is called...

    Mentholatum Peppermint Cream 1 Ann (fine)

    $68.00 $28.00

    Product introduction: External cold care seriesDoes not contain steroids and medicinal properties. It can be used for daily cleaning of the nasal cavity, effectively washing away allergens, moisturizing and protecting...

    Mentholatum Mint Cream 3 Ann (Large)

    $98.00 $45.00

    Product introduction: External cold care seriesDoes not contain steroids and medicinal properties. It can be used for daily cleaning of the nasal cavity, effectively washing away allergens, moisturizing and protecting...

    Hexing Flower Oil 10ml (Package 2)

    $49.00 $29.00

    Hexing White Flower Oil: Efficacy: relieve nasal congestion caused by cold or cold, relieve dizziness and headache, temporarily relieve muscle pain, motion sickness, anti-inflammatory and bactericidal effects, anti-itching effect on...

    Lexin Phlegm Relieving Cough Water 120ml

    $98.00 $36.00

    Sputum cough, dry cough, cold cough, nasal congestion, runny nose and sneezing caused by allergies, colds, colds or similar upper respiratory tract infections, etc.

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