Japan 嫡 cream (incomparable cream) 15g


    Product description Protection cream (incomparable cream) TREATMENT OF ITCH, ECZEMA FOR WOMAN’S DELICATE AREA Suitable for itching and eczema on sensitive parts of women PERMIT NO. HK- 53216 Women’s physiological...

    LAMISIL Athlete's Foot Ointment 15g

    $168.00 $86.00

    Lamisil Lefushu athlete's foot ointment 15g, 9300673837417 Lefushu Ointment contains Terbinafine, an anti-fungal ingredient, which effectively kills the fungus that causes foot fungal infections, and treats foot fungal infections and...

    BONJELA Pyriasis Cream 15G

    $98.00 $38.00

    Product description Baozhiling Quickly eliminate rash, swelling and pain "Baozhiling" transparent oral ointment contains no sugar and has a fragrant and fruity flavor. It can eliminate the pain and discomfort...

    CURCYRIN Athlete's Foot 3'S x 15g

    $168.00 $83.00

    "Athlete's Foot" is a special medicine carefully formulated by German dermatologists for fungal infections (tinea). The formula has been registered and approved by the Hong Kong Department of Health and...

    Fuyunhon 10% Urea Cream Housewife Hand Ointment 100g

    $169.00 $89.00

    Australia Furunkang 10% carbodiamine high-energy ointment 50g Made in Australia, the best-selling skin care product for 25 years, Australia Furunkang 10% Carbon Diamine High-energy Ointment, can effectively treat housewives' hands,...

    Mentholatum Peppermint Cream 1 Ann (fine)

    $68.00 $28.00

    Product introduction: External cold care seriesDoes not contain steroids and medicinal properties. It can be used for daily cleaning of the nasal cavity, effectively washing away allergens, moisturizing and protecting...

    Mentholatum Mint Cream 3 Ann (Large)

    $98.00 $45.00

    Product introduction: External cold care seriesDoes not contain steroids and medicinal properties. It can be used for daily cleaning of the nasal cavity, effectively washing away allergens, moisturizing and protecting...

    British version of Ceradan eczema cream 30g

    $268.00 $148.00

    [Universal Skin Cream] A must-have item for the family, both adults and children can apply! [Love] Main effect: a small all-purpose ointment 💥💥💥Skin inflammation inhibitor! It is an applicator for...

    Shiseido Moilip E+B6 Shiseido Lip Balm 8g

    $149.00 $69.00

    -This Shiseido lip balm contains unique moisture-locking factors and long-lasting moisturizing ingredients to make lips moisturized. -The formula does not contain pigments and is suitable for use in any season....

    Australia Daktarin Onychomycosis Treatment Water 30ml

    $169.00 $128.00

    [Australia Daktarin Onychomycosis Treatment Water] 30ml is for gray nails, gray nails for decades are not a problem, no skin damage, no side effects, new nails are the same as...

    Japan Tsubu Eye Oil/Fat Granules Night Repair Eye Mask 30g

    $298.00 $148.00

    Packing specifications 30g Place of Origin Japan Product introduction - Focus on penetration and repair the fragile skin around the eyes- Remove oil particles- Remove old dead skin cells- Speed...

    Huijiaqing® Extra Strong Grey Nail Liquid 30ml

    $498.00 $368.00

    24-hour long-term penetration technology Unique TransActive+ 24 hours long-lasting and stronger penetration technology, the super strong formula is aimed at stubborn gray nails and helps you restore healthy nails. Only...

    Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Chuanghuning Liquid Tape (Hand Care) 10g

    $128.00 $38.00

    Suitable for barbs, cuts, scrapes, scratches, cracks, cracks, burns, scalds The ultra-thin elastic transparent liquid adhesive protective film can cover the skin of the affected area and quickly dry and...

    JEAN MARIE Zhengmei Duoning syrup topical ringworm agent 30ML

    $138.00 $38.00

    Hong Kong Zhengmei TOLNIN Duo Ning syrupIndications: Treatment of Hong Kong foot, Duo Ning is a widely used anti-tinea agent for external use, specifically Treatment and prevention of common skin...

    BAO SHU TANG Bao Fu Ling Compound Catalina Cream 50g

    $498.00 $165.00

    Suitable for skin swelling and pain after fire burn, skin allergies, shoulder pain, mosquito bites, skin itching, etc. Beijing Baoshutang's town shop products, home essential Baoshutang is a national GMP...

    AU KAH CHUEN Ou Jiaquan Skin Ointment 15g

    $99.00 $25.00

    Details Ingredients How to use Au Kah Chuen Fugical Cream can be used to relieve fungal skin infections, such as athlete's feet, jock itch and worms. In addition, this soothing...

    AU KAH CHUEN Skin Lotion 24ml

    $128.00 $38.00

    Product introduction: Hong Kong feet, mosquito bites, rashes, acne, itchy skin Usage: Clean the affected area with warm water, wipe dry and apply skin water 3-4 times a day. If...

    Hirudoid Ointment (40g)

    $238.00 $78.00

    Product description Extra-Strength Hiruto Ointment contains Organo Heparinoid ingredients prepared by the Louis Po Pharmaceutical Factory, and every 100 grams of ointment contains 40,000 tissues. Applicable: General vein care (prevention...

    MOPIKO Extremely Powerful Cream 18g

    $68.00 $26.00

    Product description Features: It quickly relieves itching, eliminates redness and swelling, and is an ointment that brings a refreshing and comfortable feeling. Efficacy: Relieving scars and relieving itching, mosquito bites,...

    REPARIL Pain and Swelling Cream 40G

    $168.00 $78.00

    German Libertel N Reparil-Gel N Efficacy: anti-inflammatory, analgesic, swelling "Libaisu" is a pure natural botanical drug produced by Dr. Ma's large pharmaceutical factory in Germany. It is a compound preparation...

    LONADERM Privix Privix Ointment 15g

    $198.00 $65.00

    Product description "Pulifu" ointment Ingredients: "Pulifu" ointment, containing (Naftifine Hydrochloride 10mg) per gram Function and performance: "Pulifu" ointment is a bactericide for external use. Its main ingredient is Naftifine. Naftifine...

    YEE TIN TONG Toxin-removing and muscle-promoting ointment 8G

    $58.00 $13.00

     Name:Hong Kong Ertiantang Detoxifying and Promoting Muscle Ointment Indications: Abrasion injuries, rotten feet, rash, eczema, itchy skin, malignant abscesses, mosquito bites Usage: If there is no rotting and running...

    LOCERYL Skin ringworm cream 20G

    $168.00 $78.00

    Product introduction The active ingredient of Romyrox skin ringworm cream is amorolfine hydrochloride, which is an antifungal drug. The general course of treatment is about 2-3 weeks, but for some...

    Japan Ikeda Model Hall Anti-mosquito bites, mosquito bites, eczema, rash, dermatitis, itching, itching and anti-inflammatory ointment

    $234.00 $26.00

    Brand name: MUHI/Ikeda Model Hall Product parameters: Brand: MUHI/Ikeda Model Hall Place of Origin: Japan Manufacturer: Ikeda Model Hall Co., Ltd. Product dosage form: Ointment Usage: It is recommended to...

    Japanese original white rabbit brand acne cream acne sterilization and oil control acne cream to remove acne marks and acne without leaving marks 18g

    $177.00 $78.00

    Brand name: エスエス制%. HTTP: //". Product parameters: Brand: エスエス制%. ". Place of Origin: Japan Manufacturing enterprise: Essex System Co., Ltd. Product dosage form: Ointment Usage: 2-3 times a day, take...

    LOCERYL Anti-ringworm nail polish NAIL LAXQUER 5% (special formula for gray nails) 2.5ml


    Specifications: 5% X 2.5ml/bottle (with Chinese instructions) Commodity name: Romylin Chemical name: Amorolfine Hydrochloride Liniment Scope of application: Treatment of nail infections caused by fungi. Such as onychomycosis, onychomycosis, onychomycosis....



    Mentholatum 曼秀雷敦薄荷膏 28g/85克 薄荷滲透作用,迅速舒緩傷風引致的鼻塞、頭痛、胸口翳悶、咳嗽及皮膚疼痛; 防止皮膚及口唇乾燥爆拆、擦傷、曬傷、昆蟲咬傷、熱痱及痕癢等; 性質溫和、成人及兒童均適用; 適合與治療傷風及鼻竇腫塞的藥物同用; 舒緩疲倦所帶來之肌肉酸痛; 可將一或二茶匙薄荷膏溶於沸水中,然後徐徐吸入蒸汽 可暢通呼吸及迅速舒緩鼻塞、咽喉痕癢和咳嗽;

    XHEKPON Collagen Neck Wrinkle Cream 40ML CREAM

    $199.00 $95.00

    Spain Xhekpon Face, Neck and Cleavage Skincare CreamDescription With the passage of time and external aggression, wrinkles appear on our skin, emphasizing our age and aging. Xhekpon Neck Wrinkle Defrosting...

    SHE-KO Ruyi Ointment Hemorrhoid Ointment Eczema Ointment Cooling and Relieving Itching 20g

    $68.00 $25.00

    Ruyi ointment contains bactericidal function, which is very suitable for treating skin diseases such as itching, skin rash, abrasions, bruises, cuts, mosquitoes and insect bites. In addition, it has special...

    SATO Zoteng Pharmaceutical Infant Skin Care Pediatric Skin Ointment 30ML

    $98.00 $35.00

    Product description Baby baby skin health [Indications] Relieve children's itchy skin, eczema, diaper rash, heat rash, mosquito bites, dry or chapped skin, etc. Contains vitamins A and D2, which is...

    ORONINE H Ointment (10g)

    $65.00 $18.00

    Product description EronaingHOintment Please click on the relevant content, you can see the specific instructions on how to use Oronine H ointment. Suitable for broken skin (explosive demolition), frostbite Suitable...

    ORALMEDIC-rash and nourishing gel 2 packs (0.3ml)

    $65.00 $45.00

    Detailed introduction Koujianle rash gel provides quick and effective treatment to relieve the pain and discomfort caused by rash. Patented technology is used to extract water from the rash wound,...

    EXCILOR®-Grey Nail Liquid 3.3ML

    $295.00 $148.00

    Huijiaqing® can effectively inhibit the fungi and microorganisms that grow on the nail bed. After healthy nails re-grow, the nails will return to health. Generally, it has been effective in...

    Mida FUNGIFAX Foot Fungus Cream 25g

    $68.00 $38.00

    Item details Product introduction "Foojunling Ointment IMP" is particularly effective for the treatment and prevention of athlete's foot (Hong Kong foot). Athlete's foot (Hong Kong foot) is caused by mold...

    CUPAL Burn-Aid Hot Balm 30G

    $68.00 $38.00

    Product description This product is developed with a unique new formula, produced by an internationally recognized and highest standard GMP pharmaceutical factory, and the effect is particularly significant. It is...

    Thailand Zam-Buk Grass Essential Oil Balm (25g)

    $68.00 $30.00

    Product description The very famous Thai herbal ointment is especially effective for bruises caused by bruises and sprains. Prohibited for damaged skin. Applicable: Mosquito bites, redness, swelling, minor sprains, itchy...


    $29.00 $12.00

    產品說明 減輕感冒、頭暈眼眩、消除肚風脹氣、扭筋痲痺、跌打損傷、紅腫發炎、蚊叮蟲咬 成份: 薄荷冰、樟腦、 冬青油、白臘、凡士林包裝: 玻璃樽裝 12克重量(公斤): 0.06中成藥註冊編號: 上標油膏 (紅) - HKP-00136產地: 泰國用法&用途:需要時將藥膏輕塗搽於患處減輕感冒、頭暈眼眩、消除肚風脹氣、扭筋痲痺、跌打損傷、紅腫發炎、蚊叮蟲咬

    Hong Kong version of Hirudid Hiruduo ointment 40g anti-thrombotic venous vasculitis, swelling, pain, burns, scars, Hong Kong direct mail, be sure to upload your ID card, otherwise it will not be shipped

    $177.00 $78.00

    Brand name: hirudoid Product parameters: Brand: hirudoid Place of Origin: Germany Manufacturing enterprise: Swiss Medilehua Pharmaceutical Factory Product dosage form: Ointment Usage: 3 times a day -5 cm ointment, apply...

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