Australia Selsun Gold anti-itch and anti-dandruff shampoo, strong oil control, anti-itch, non-silicone oil shampoo 200ml

    $48.00 $58.00

    Product qualification Brand: Selsun Shampoo and conditioner: Selsun Anti-Dandruff Shampoo Efficacy: Improve itching and dandruff deep cleansing Place of Origin: Australia Color classification: yellow purple green blue Applicable hair types:...

    OVELLE AQUEOUS CREAM BP Moisturizing Cream 500g

    $98.00 $38.00

    It moisturizes the face and body and can replace soap Clean the skin thoroughlymoisturize and moisturize the skin(effectively soothe the skin and dermatitis)No high sensitivity preservatives, no fragrance, no coloring...

    Japan Tsubu Eye Oil/Fat Granules Night Repair Eye Mask 30g

    $298.00 $148.00

    Packing specifications 30g Place of Origin Japan Product introduction - Focus on penetration and repair the fragile skin around the eyes- Remove oil particles- Remove old dead skin cells- Speed...

    [Canada Version] Cetaphil Moisturizer 591ml

    $268.00 $98.00

    Product introduction Product introduction: -Mild non-pharmaceutical formula-Does not cause powder剌-No Contains fragrance-suitable for babies, children and adults with dry, eczema or sensitive skin types Detailed introduction Description Body & Face...

    日本Vape 150日可攜式電子驅蚊器

    $169.00 $85.00

    夏天到,最近開始濕又多蚊啦. 屋企附近多樹,管理公司又無做好驅蚊,搞到晚晚左拍又拍,個女塊面咬到一攤攤,心痛死我!跟手又要系日本入款好野翻哩!香港地賣款電子驅蚊要成3舊水! 有無效就成成問題的‼唯獨日本嘅產品先可信😂👍🏻哩款試左堅有效,靜又唔會影響BB.正 ======================= ✅電池式防蚊,超靜音設計(比較第一代無處不在的嗶嗶聲),通過電池驅動內置小風扇,散發出藥片驅蚊功效 ✅有效1200小時 (150天, 每天持續8小時使用)✅完全無味,對人體絕無任何副作用,適合BB使用完全無味,對人體絕無任何副作用,適合BB和孕婦使用 ✅攜帶方便,屋內及屋外亦可使用 ✅可以調整背帶,與小寶寶的頭仔位置匹配。更有多層軟棉, BB們不會輕易傷害啊✅驅蚊器有節能功能,轉5秒以后會暫停,約20秒然後再轉,這樣反復運作,有效利用電池,達至省電功能 ✅包括驅蚊器1個和防蚊劑1個 ✅使用方便,藥盒與電池一體化設計,無需自己再配備替換電池。裝上後輕按開關即可隨心控制使用時間 ✅日本制造 使用範圍:12-30平方使用方法:可以掛牆/橫放/豎放使用時間:藥片一天使用8個小時,可連續使用150天,藥效長達1200小時。內容:驅蚊器一個,替換藥片一個(內附150日芯連電)尺寸:155×128×78mm 日本Fumakilla公司於1963年發明全世界第一個電子驅蚊器VAPE,至今50年,其VAPE系列的驅蚊器一直是日本市塲的主要品牌之一 這個驅蚊機🚫不能🚫殺蚊,只能驅蚊因為如果可以殺蚊代表它藥性太強,會嚴重影響到寶寶生命。而這個驅蚊機是驅性低,但可以給寶寶安全舒適唔怕比蚊🦗針到👏👏

    Germany Desitin diaper cream intensive treatment type diaper cream 113g

    $168.00 $68.00

    Description New formula Pediatrician and mom’s #1 choice Zinc oxide diaper cream It has excellent long-term soothing effect No preservatives Instructions for use Help optimize and prevent diaper rash Protecting...

    Bio-Oil Natural Scar Removal Skin Oil 200ml

    $268.00 $148.00

    Product introduction:Bio‑Oil contains a unique formula that effectively improves the appearance of scars, stretch marks and uneven skin tone. It also has a significant effect on aging and lack of...

    SHISEIDO Medicinal Urea Hand Cream (Red Tube/Deep Moisturizing) (30g)

    $38.00 $28.00

    Shiseido Urea Hand Cream (Red Tube/Deep Moisturizing)Shiseido Hand Cream (Red) Description※ Shiseido's medicated hand cream has a high moisturizing effect. Through gentle massage, it can promote blood circulation and make...

    [Japan Version] Inclear Women's Private Part Care Cleansing Gel Probiotic Lactic Acid Bacteria Care Gel 10 Pack

    $298.00 $198.00

    Inclear female private parts care to remove odor cleansing gel 10 private probiotic lactic acid bacteria. Most gynecological diseases are due to unbalanced fungi and abnormal pH. Inclear is produced...

    Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser 200ml

    $168.00 $85.00

    ˙Suitable for sensitive, normal and dry skin˙It can be cleaned by dry wipe, and it can also bring good cleaning effect without water.˙It can moisturize the skin and feel more...

    Australia DU'IT Tough Hands First Aid Hand Mask Hand Cream 150g

    $98.00 $68.00

    The DU'IT series of hand masks popular throughout Australia and New Zealand are recommended by housewives who suffer from it. For the sensitive and itchy hands caused by frequent contact...

    Jun Japanese Medicinal Horse Oil Moisturizer 70g

    $198.00 $138.00

    Product description JUN COSME medicinal horse oil cream 70g The oil made from the fat of the horse's mane, tail, back, etc., has almost the same content of unsaturated fatty...

    DU'IT Tough Hands Goddess Emergency Hand Mask 75g

    $69.00 $49.00

    Product description For housework and rough hands, restore youthfulness and smoothness DUIT Goddess First Aid Hand Mask moisturizes and smooth hands, powerfully anti-aging. The addition of vitamin E and sweet...

    Cetaphil Gentle Cleansing Lotion 1000ml

    $268.00 $158.00

    Detailed introductionRecommended by dermatologists and pediatricians, it cleanses all types of skin, suitable for normal, dry, eczema and sensitive skin. No foam, no medicine, no soap, no fragrance. Cleans all...

    Matsuyama Matsuyama Oil Natural Yuzu Essence Moisturizing Anti-drying Body Lotion 300ml

    $198.00 $148.00

    Japan Matsuyama Oil is a non-additive moisturizing formula, amino acid moisturizing ingredients, adults and children with sensitive skin can be safely used. This body milk contains shea butter, glycerin, palm...

    Australia DU'IT First Aid Foot Mask Foot Cream 50g

    $237.00 $58.00

    Product description [Product brand]: DU'IT [Product name]: DU'IT FOOT HEEL BALM PLUS emergency foot mask 50g [Product Specifications]: 50g [Product Purchase Place]: Australia [Product introduction] This product can quickly penetrate...

    Australia nair hair removal cream for women under the arms

    $138.00 $65.00

    Product qualification Brand: NAIR Body care items: Other /other Origin: Australia Efficacy: Hair removal Net content of cosmetics: 75g for body type (not available for face) 20g for face type...

    Australia Lucas Papaw papaya cream universal colorless lip balm lip mask lip oil moisturizing antipruritic cream 75g

    $297.00 $85.00

    Product qualification Product Name: Lucas Papaw Lucas Papaw Brand: Lucas Papaw Lip care single product: Lucas Papaya Cream Origin: Australia Efficacy: Lip moisturizing Specification type: normal Specifications Is it a...

    Australia Lucas Papaw papaya cream universal lip moisturizing to relieve allergies, mosquito bites, scalds and burns 25g

    $177.00 $38.00

    Product qualification Product Name: Lucas Papaw Lucas Papaw Brand: Lucas Papaw Lip care single product: Lucas Papaya Cream Origin: Australia Efficacy: Lip moisturizing Net content of cosmetics : 25g/ml Specification...

    Japan's Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Liquid Band-Aid Band-Aid Patch Skin Trauma, Abrasion, Bleeding, Dry, Cracked and Peeling Skin

    $234.00 $48.00

    Brand name: Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Product parameters: Brand: Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Place of Origin: Japan Manufacturer: Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Product dosage form: Patch Usage: Put the sticker on the affected area Dosage: One...

    Kobayashi, Japan, after pharmaceutical preparation, back acne cream, acne, acne pit, genuine skin repair and sterilization spray 100ml

    $294.00 $98.00

    Brand name: Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Product parameters: Brand: Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Place of Origin: Japan Manufacturer: Kobayashi Federation Corporation Product dosage form: Liquid for external use Usage: Spray In the affected area...

    KOBAYASHI Kobayashi Pharmaceutical NINOKYUA Reiji Arm Granule Eliminating Flawless Balm 30G

    $258.00 $68.00

    Detailed introduction [Products]: Kobayashi Pharmaceutical-Lizhi Arm Granules Eliminating Flawless Ointment 30g [Main Ingredients]: Urea: Contains 20% high concentration of urea, which can soften accumulation Aging keratin and excess skin oil...

    Israel Moroccanoil/Moroccan hair care essential oil to repair dryness 100ml

    $1,077.00 $218.00

    Brand name: Moroccanoil/ Moroccan oil Product parameters: Brand: Moroccanoil/Moroccan oil Net content: 100mL Function :Repair

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