German imported iron tablets Floradix tablets Iron supplements for children, pregnant women and adults, 84 tablets

    $219.00 $85.00

    Is it imported:Yes Shelf life: 36 months Country/Region of Origin:Germany Product name:Adult iron supplement Net content: 84 capsules/box Type:Healthcare Brand: Floradix. Applicable objects:Adult Main raw materials:See packaging Production date:Continuously updated...

    German ferrum hausmann baby infant baby child pregnant woman iron supplement oral liquid iron supplement 30ml

    $204.00 $85.00

    Is it imported:Yes Shelf life: 36 months Country/Region of Origin:Germany Product name:German ferrum hausmann iron supplement drops Net content: 30ml. Type:Iron supplement Brand: ferrum hausmann. Applicable objects: Newborn children, pregnant...

    Germany Huebner Hao Bina Eisen Iron Supplement and Qi Oral Liquid Iron Element Male and Female Portable Red Iron Agent 20

    $264.00 $148.00

    Is it imported:Yes Shelf life: 24 months Country/Region of Origin:Germany Product name: Eisen Iron Supplement Net content: 20 pieces Type:Nutrition Brand: Hao Bina Applicable objects: Adults Main ingredients:See packaging Production...

    German brand, direct supply from overseas, Germany Nurofen, 4%, 7kg for infants and young children's antipyretic and antipyretic oral liquid for 6 months to 12 years old

    $237.00 $58.00

    Brand name: Nurofen Product parameters: Brand: Nurofen Place of Origin: Germany Manufacturer: NUROFEN Product dosage form: Oral liquid Usage: See details Page Dosage: See details Generic name of medicine: Antipyretic...

    German Zymafluor Novartis Vitamin D500 Calcium Vitamin VD Calcium Supplement Chewable Tablets Take before meals, one tablet per day

    $174.00 $58.00

    Brand name: NOVARTIS Product parameters: Factory name: NOVARTIS Address: Germany Factory contact information: 02211 Shelf life: 730 days Brand: NOVARTIS Series: Vitamin D3 chewable tablets Place of Origin: Germany Applicable...

    German Floradix iron iron supplement for women, children and pregnant women 500ml (green iron pharmacy version)


    There are two types of Salus iron yuan packaging in Germany: One is the organic red packaging sold in higher-priced organic stores; the other is the medical green packaging sold...

    German Floradix Herbal Tonic Liquid Iron (Red Iron) 500ml


    Specifications: 500ml Nutrition source:Natural source Main ingredients: Water extract, nettle, spinach, thatch root, fennel, kelp, mixed juice concentrate, water yeast extract, honey, rose hip extract, wheat germ extract, vitamin C,...

    Germany Babix Nasal Clear Essential Oil 10ml

    $169.00 $68.00

    "The price of the product includes tax"

    Floradix Iron Tablets 84 Tablets

    $269.00 $168.00

    One tablet contains iron, vitamins B1, B2, B6, B12 and C 【Adjust physiological functions, promote metabolism, beautify skin, be energetic, reduce fatigue】 Features Pure natural organic plants, extracted from fruits...

    XHEKPON Collagen Neck Wrinkle Cream 40ML CREAM

    $199.00 $95.00

    Spain Xhekpon Face, Neck and Cleavage Skincare CreamDescription With the passage of time and external aggression, wrinkles appear on our skin, emphasizing our age and aging. Xhekpon Neck Wrinkle Defrosting...

    Sterimar Dolphin Physiological Saline Nasal Cleansing Spray (for infants aged 0-3) 100ml


    Detailed introduction Sterimar is a 100% natural isotonic solution that gently removes and prevents nasal contamination. It can better serve as the first line of defense by removing impurities in...

    [German Version] ROWA ROWACHOL Hepatobiliary Medicine 100 Capsules

    $298.00 $198.00

    German original ROWACHOL famous drug for hepatobiliary diseases 100 pieces per box Indications: biliary diseases (cholelithiasis, cholecystitis, cholangitis, biliary colic), bile duct dyskinesia, bile yellow; chronic hepatitis, viral hepatitis, liver...

    [German Version] ROWATINEX 100 Capsules

    $298.00 $198.00

    Specifications: 100 capsules per box. Indications: Kidney stones, urinary calculi, bladder stones, renal colic, urinary colic, proteinuria, chronic nephritis, cystitis, nephritis, low renal function, urinary stagnation, kidney or urinary system...

    Doppelherz Gelenk 1000 Glucosamine and Chondroitin 40 Capsules

    $265.00 $185.00

    Doppelherz Gelenk 1000 Glucosamine and Chondroitin Capsules 40 capsules Dietary supplements include glucosamine sulfate, chondroitin sulfate, hyaluronic acid and green mussel powder, vitamins and minerals. Doppelherz Active Glucosamine + Chondroitin-a...

    HZ Huebner Eisen, Germany

    $2,989.00 $168.00

    Factory name: Anton Huebner GmbH & Co.KG Factory address: D-79236 Ehrenkirchen Factory contact information: 79236 Ingredients list: See packaging Storage method: Keep it in a cool and dark place, and...

    Germany Desitin diaper cream intensive treatment type diaper cream 113g

    $168.00 $68.00

    Description New formula Pediatrician and mom’s #1 choice Zinc oxide diaper cream It has excellent long-term soothing effect No preservatives Instructions for use Help optimize and prevent diaper rash Protecting...

    Sambucol Black Elderberry For Kids 120ml British Original Edition

    $168.00 $98.00

    Product description Product description Sambucol Kids Liquid is a delicious, child-friendly formula that contains natural black elderberry and vitamin C to help strengthen the immune system. Best-selling children's formula containing...

    French Sterimar Dolphin Rhinitis Spray 100ml (adult)

    $138.00 $49.00

    French dolphin children/adult nasal spray 100mI can easily cause a cold and runny nose, and the air quality is too poor, it is recommended to clean the nasal cavity every...

    German original (CENTRUM) good deposit multi-vitamins, minerals and trace elements 24 packs

    $268.00 $168.00

    Product features: Name:Dietary supplement, containing 1,000 mg of vitamin C, vitamins and minerals. Contains sugar and sweeteners. Recommended usage/application/consumption:Recommended dosage for adults: 1 bottle/dayWater in the stick (100- 200ml) dissolve...

    Agiolas intestinal tablets 250g

    $268.00 $165.00

    Product description Shu Litong Agiolax is a unique laxative and fiber supplement that helps relieve constipation and promote regular bowel function. Agiolax contains a specially formulated ratio of natural dietary...

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