Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Sore Throat Spray (15ml)

    $98.00 $43.00

    Product description Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Sore Throat Lotion Spray (15ml) The effective ingredients of this product can sterilize and disinfect bacteria that cause inflammation of the throat. There is no need...

    MOPIKO Extremely Powerful Cream 18g

    $68.00 $26.00

    Product description Features: It quickly relieves itching, eliminates redness and swelling, and is an ointment that brings a refreshing and comfortable feeling. Efficacy: Relieving scars and relieving itching, mosquito bites,...

    [Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Mother of Life] Women's menopausal conditioning health care medicine 840 capsules 70 days supply

    $498.00 $298.00

    [Second Class Medicines] Comprehensive medicine refined using 13 kinds of Chinese herbal medicines and various vitamins. Considering the body structure of delicate women, this paragraph is centered on 13 kinds...

    Salombas spray (85ml)

    $68.00 $35.00

    Product description A spray that is very suitable for exercise. It is purchased in Hong Kong and is made in Japan. During normal exercise, there are more or less injuries...

    Japan 嫡 cream (incomparable cream) 15g


    Product description Protection cream (incomparable cream) TREATMENT OF ITCH, ECZEMA FOR WOMAN’S DELICATE AREA Suitable for itching and eczema on sensitive parts of women PERMIT NO. HK- 53216 Women’s physiological...

    池田模範堂無比男敏治 15g

    $68.00 $28.00

    基本信息 名稱 無比男敏治 容量 15g 特徵 可舒緩敏感部位因出汗、濕熱、內衣磨擦所引起的痕癢症狀。 效能 痕癢、皮疹、濕疹、皮炎、蕁麻疹、汗疹。 用法 每日3-4次,塗適量於患處。 有效成分(in 100g) 鹽酸苯海拉明 2.0g 甘草次酸 0.2g 異丙基甲基酚 0.1g ℓ-薄荷腦 0.5g 維生素E醋酸酯 0.5g 生產國 日本

    Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Anmelo Sore and Back Joints, Shoulder and Neck Pain, Curved Bottles 80ml


    Brand: Charity Place of Origin: Japan Color classification: Anmeilu (without medicinal flavor) 80ml/bottle 80ml/bottle Manufacturer: Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Product dosage form: external liquid agent Usage: Apply an appropriate amount...

    AMMELTZ Hyperthermia (joint pain) 6PCS

    $48.00 $28.00

    New 8-hour continuous fever to relieve joint pain Product features The self-heating warming patch provides natural hyperthermia at an average temperature of 40°C for 8 hours. The heat quickly penetrates...

    KOBAYASHI Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Kobayashi Chuanghuning Quick-drying Liquid Foot Tape 10g

    $98.00 $38.00

    Product description Suitable for barbs, cuts, abrasions, scratches, cracks, cracks, burns, scalds Product features The ultra-thin elastic and transparent liquid adhesive protective film can cover the skin of the affected...

    Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Anmelo Blue 82ml

    $98.00 $32.00

    Product description It has a significant effect on relieving uncomfortable shoulder pain and muscle pain. The formula containing benzyl hydrochloride has a significant effect on the treatment of uncomfortable shoulder...

    banterinkowa thermal insulation supporter knee ordinary large size (1 piece pack) for exclusive use

    $195.00 $85.00

    Detailed introduction ●Using several special fibers with different expansion and contraction rates to support the knees from below and from the side! Lashing is something that has a high threshold...

    Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Chuanghuning Liquid Tape (Hand Care) 10g

    $128.00 $38.00

    Suitable for barbs, cuts, scrapes, scratches, cracks, cracks, burns, scalds The ultra-thin elastic transparent liquid adhesive protective film can cover the skin of the affected area and quickly dry and...

    KOBAYASHI Kobayashi Pharmaceutical NINOKYUA Reiji Arm Granule Eliminating Flawless Balm 30G

    $258.00 $68.00

    Detailed introduction [Products]: Kobayashi Pharmaceutical-Lizhi Arm Granules Eliminating Flawless Ointment 30g [Main Ingredients]: Urea: Contains 20% high concentration of urea, which can soften accumulation Aging keratin and excess skin oil...

    KOBAYASHI Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Vitamin Eye Wash 500ML

    $168.00 $49.00

    Place of Origin Japan Product introduction Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Eyewash Vitamin Eye Wash 500ml The eye wash with pink vitamin can effectively remove foreign body irritation and itching and discomfort caused...

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