[Eu Yan Sang] Monkey Date Resolving Phlegm Powder 1 bottle per box / net weight 0.37g per bottle

    $68.00 $35.00

    Houzao Huatan San 1 bottle per box / net weight 0.37g per bottle> Product introduction EfficacyResolving phlegm and relieving cough, clearing lungs and smoothing qi. IndicationsCough and excessive phlegm, thick...

    EU YAN SANG Eu Yan Sang Baoying Pill 6PCS

    $168.00 $96.00

    #Eu Yan Sang Baoying Pill (4891872500011) Eu Yan Sang was founded in 1879. Efficacy: Baoying Dan is an ancient formula, purely made from natural Chinese medicine, which has special effects...

    Eu Yan Sang Special Ganoderma lucidum Broken Spores 60 Capsules

    $1,104.00 $285.00

    Eu Yan Sang Special Ganoderma "Broken" spores formula combines the essence of the whole plant of Ganoderma lucidum. It is made from two ingredients, namely the highly effective broken Ganoderma...

    Eu Yan Sang G Gold Baifeng Pills Relieve Menstrual Discomfort, Strengthen Body, Improve Body, 24 Packs/Box


    Product parameters: Brand: Eu Yan Sang Specifications: 24 pieces/box

    香港余仁生七星茶12包裝 嬰兒兒童寶寶小孩清熱夜驚哭鬧易醒無糖

    $198.00 $78.00

    《商品售價已包含稅》 消化功能更佳,睡得更安寧 無糖配方,避免養成嗜甜習慣 現今一般嬰兒因長期攝入奶類產品,容易出現腸胃熱氣,引致睡眠不寧和容易驚醒的情況,影響健康成長。 餘仁生七星茶以高濃縮的天然草本成份,配以獨特的生產技術製成,並突破常規的七星茶製備方法,以全港首創的「無糖」茶包包裝面世,純天然,無添加! 對寶寶健康更有保障。 每一包余仁生七星茶含有高濃縮提取的草本成份,一經浸泡,草本精華快速溶於水中,能達到用量少,快見效的好處。 飲用無糖的餘仁生七星茶,可以避免攝入糖份,及不會引起寶寶嗜甜的依賴性。

    Eu Yan Sang Pure Pearl Powder 0.37g 1 bottle

    $98.00 $35.00

    Packing specifications 1 box Place of Origin Hong Kong Product introduction -100% Pearl End-Soothe the nerves, calm the nerves, and clear away heat , Eyesight, beauty1 bottle per box /...

    Eu Yan Sang Milk Tea 12 packs

    $198.00 $75.00

    Healthier intestines and stomach, better appetite Sugar-free formula to avoid the habit of sweetness Product invention patent, won the Hong Kong Awards for Industry and Commerce Nowadays, most babies suffer...

    EU YAN SANG Eu Yan Sang Baifeng Pills 6 pills/box, dizziness, discomfort, cold hands and feet


    Detailed introduction Product IntroductionEu Yan Sang Gold Baifeng Pills (small pills) are formulated with more than 20 top-quality medicinal materials and ancient prescriptions. Take regularly, they can relieve women’s menstrual...

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