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Hello everyone., today I will tell you how to easily buy cosmetics and health products that are only available in Japan
and in When buying health products, you need to pay attention to the relevant regulations and precautions.
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  • TAIHOPAI Diversified Japanese cosmetics and health care products, easy to place orders

[Taihaoban]’s drugstores are clearly classified, and the quantity of products is very large. It is recommended that you can compare the prices with major purchasing platforms before buying. You can choose cheaper or Use the website you are accustomed to buying to place an order.

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It is recommended to compare prices slightly before buying, and pay attention to product specifications and quantities

When you have found the product you are planning to buy, it is recommended that you can check the price of the product on different online shopping platforms and whether there is additional domestic express shipping.

The price of the same product on different platforms will vary. It is recommended that you shop around before buying

When confirming which platform you want to purchase goods on, you must also reconfirm whether the specifications and number of groups of the goods you want to buy meet your needs.

  • Product specifications: size, size, quantity, color
  • Number of groups: the number of packages of the same product, not the number of orders. You can buy 1 set at a time and 2 sets at a time, and then select the number of orders you want to place again at the final checkout.
    If you choose 2 sets once and place two orders at the end, you will get a total of 4 sets of goods in 2X2.

The above is the teaching of the purchase of Japanese cosmeceuticals, health care products and pricing. If you have any questions about purchasing Japanese products, you can contact us!