GSK launched a new gift redemption event! From now on June 30th, go to TAIHOPAI to buy designated health brand products for the specified amount, and each issue will give you rich gifts!

[GSK x TAIHOPAI 推廣活動 買健康產品即享豐富禮品🎁][GSK x TAIHOPAI 推廣活動 買健康產品即享豐富禮品🎁]

GSK launches a new gift redemption event! From now on June 30, go to the pharmacy to buy designated health brand products for the specified amount, and give you rich gifts in each issue!

The registration dates and times of each phase are as follows:
Phase 1: 10:00 on April 26, 2021 to 23:59 on May 31, 2021
Phase 2: June 1, 2021 00:00 to June 30th 23:59

🔶Buy over $100You can redeem the Café de Coral cash coupon $100 (250 copies per issue)
🔶Buy over $100Can redeem McDonald's cash coupon $100 (250 copies per period)
🔶Buy over $399 to redeem Meiya FORGE RED 30cm covered Chinese wok, worth $469 (25 copies per issue)
🔶Buy over $799Recolte gas fryer can be redeemed, worth $799 (10 copies per issue)

How to participate:
1. Purchase Bili Gout Cold and Cold Series, Anbi Ning, Lapichi, Shan Cun, Jia Cun, Kang Cai C and Kang Ning C products at the designated pharmacy for the specified amount (in a single Receipt calculation)
2. Keep the electronic receipt or handwritten pharmacy receipt (the receipt must clearly show the name of the merchant, purchase date, product purchased, quantity and price)
3. Copy the receipt photo and personal information (on the Hong Kong ID card) Chinese, English name, daytime contact number) Use WhatsApp to send to phone 5972-0152 for registration
4. After successful registration, you will receive a reply confirmation and inform you of the gift redemption method. If the gift to be redeemed is exhausted, participants can choose to redeem another gift of the same or lower value

Each phone number can only be redeemed for gifts once during the entire promotion period. Each receipt can only be redeemed for one gift.
Gifts are limited in quantity, first come first served, while stocks last.

For the designated pharmacy address and event details, please refer to the following website:

🔊In addition, some pharmacies will even distribute trial packs for brands such as the Berry Gout and Cold Series and Sancun for free on designated days, and there will be exclusive promotions at the same venue. Special offer, get wonderful gifts* when you purchase over the specified amount!
Go to the following website and see the pharmacy near you!

*Only applicable to the presence of promoters, gift delivery/while stocks last
Please read the product label instructions carefully before use
PM-HK-XBRAND-21-00047 (03/2023)

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[GSK x TAIHOPAI 推廣活動 買健康產品即享豐富禮品🎁]

[GSK x TAIHOPAI 推廣活動 買健康產品即享豐富禮品🎁][GSK x TAIHOPAI 推廣活動 買健康產品即享豐富禮品🎁]

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