Strengthen TRIOMEGAFish OilAbout Seven Seas is a well-known British healthcare brand and one of the brands of Merck with a long history in the world. Seven Seas is a well-known brand. Its health products are widely sold in pharmacies and health food stores. One out of every ten adults in the UK consumes Seven Seas products on a regular basis. The new formula TRIOMEGA can help maintain healthy and flexible joints, making the body stronger, healthier and more energetic.

SEVEN SEAS Original 60 capsules

[Product Introduction]
Seven Seas Health Network "Pain Relief • Anti-corrosion" series-Seven Seas Health Network Original.
Qihaijianluo Original contains high-concentration formula Triomega®, which helps keep joints flexible and healthy.

Medical proof:
• Reduce joint pain*
• Reduce dependence on painkillers*
• Natural ingredients

Qihaijianluo Original is suitable for people who have experienced joint pain for less than 1 year.

[How to take]
General situation: 1-2 capsules a day
In case of joint pain: 3 capsules a day

SEVEN SEAS Seven Seas Activating Bones 60 Capsules

[Product Introduction]
The new Seven Seas Synergy · Bone is formed by combining glucosamine, calcium and vitamin D through a new three-in-one technology. Improve joints, bones and muscles in one go. Make your joints and bones flexible and powerful!

The ingredients contained in the product are medically proven to:
. Promote the regeneration of cartilage
. Increase bone density
. Increase muscle strength

Suitable for people who care about joint, bone and muscle health

[How to take]
Adults and children over 12 years old: 3 capsules a day, taken with boiling water

SEVEN SEAS SEVEN SEAS Extra Strength 60 Capsules

Seven Seas Jianluo Extra Strength contains a double high-concentration formula Triomega, which helps maintain joint flexibility and health.
Medical proof:

Reducing joint pain

Reduce dependence on painkillers

Natural ingredients

Qihaijianluo is suitable for people who have experienced joint pain for 1-3 years.

SEVEN SEAS Seven Seas Strengthening New Upgrade Formula 60 Capsules

[Product Introduction]
– In addition to powerful pain relief, it also reduces cartilage abrasion.
– Its high concentration of natural marine essences Triomega® and Glucomega® keep your joints flexible and free.
– Qijian Jianluoqiangxin does not contain preservatives and does not contain pharmaceutical ingredients. The orthopedic doctor confirmed that its ingredients are effective++.
Medical and scientific proof:
• The effect of reducing joint pain exceeds 80%1+
• Joint stiffness can be reduced by 64%1+
• Helps regenerate cartilage 2
• Improve joint fluid Lubricity 2
•Protect joint soft tissue 3
Seven Seas Strengthen the collaterals – The upgraded formula is suitable for people with joint pain for more than 3 years or more.
[How to take]
Adults: 3 to daily 4 capsules, taken with or after meals with boiling water
Glucosamine sulfate potassium salt, fish (concentrated Omega-3 fish oil), gelatin, humectant (E422), hydrogenated vegetable oil, water , Thickener (E901), emulsifier (E322), pigment (E172ii)

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