Brand Introduction

The Noguchi Medical Research Institute is to commemorate the birth of Japan’s world-class medical scholar, Dr. Hideyo Noguchi (Japan’s new one thousand yen bill is based on the image of Hideyo Noguchi) to promote international For the purpose of medical exchanges, it was approved by the US government in 1985 and established as a US consortium in Philadelphia. The business of Noguchi Medical Research Institute includes domestic and overseas 24-hour telephone medical hotlines, introductions to medical institutions, and emergency transportation; international medical exchange promotion activities; clinical trials; development and sales of health foods and cosmetics, etc.

Dr. Hideyo Noguchi has won the Nobel Medical Nomination Award three times and is known as the "National Treasure"

Recommendation reason

The Noguchi Medical Research Institute was established in Philadelphia in June 1983 to commemorate the achievements of Dr. Hideyo Noguchi, a world-renowned medical scientist, and to promote medical exchanges between Japan and the United States. Of the United States Consortium. The Institute is a non-profit organization in the United States and a public welfare consortium holding a special tax-exempt number of IRS501(c). Noguchi Medical Research Institute provides services such as the development of healthcare products in the field of medical and health, clinical trial consultation of medical products, and technical support for entrusted imports, among which the most famous is the certification of quality promotion. The research institute has a review committee composed of doctors of medicine, doctors of pharmacy, and university professors. After strict review, certificates of quality awards are issued for recognized products. It is recommended to consumers to use with confidence.


Noguchi Nattokinase Capsules 60 Capsules

Noguchi Medical Research Institute Japan Noguchi Maca Capsules 150 Capsules

Keep away from fatigue and weakness, activate body functions, enhance physical strength, supplement the nutrients needed by the human body, bid farewell to insomnia and dreams, stay young, and retain good memory.

Noguchi Medical Research Institute Enzyme Lactobacillus 120 Capsules

Concentrated enzyme granules made of 90 kinds of fruit and vegetable enzymes combined with lactic acid bacteria are convenient to take and balance daily nutrition, so as to obtain nutrients that cannot be obtained due to the heating process of the food materials. It is easier and more convenient than eating raw vegetables.

Noguchi Medical Research Institute Shark Chondroitin & Glucosamine 700 Capsules

It is rich in glucosamine, bone collagen and shark chondroitin. Japanese high-end brand word-of-mouth products. Middle-aged and elderly glycogen collagen enhances joint toughness, relieves bone pain, can repair damaged cartilage and surrounding tissues, increase synovial fluid in the joint cavity, prevent rheumatoid rheumatism, bone spurs, bone zeng, yao disc protrusion, neck zhui disease And other bone diseases have a significant effect. Makes people always energetic, as the age increases, glucosamine needs to be supplemented more.

Noguchi Medical Research Institute Concentrated Autumn Curcumin 60 Capsules

This product uses blueberry and lutein extracts, which can effectively filter the blue light that damages the eyes and remove the damage caused by free radicals to the eyes. Protect eyesight, eliminate eye fatigue; nourish the skin; delay the aging of brain nerves, it is an eye-care nutrient dedicated to computer users and drivers.

Noguchi Medical Research Institute Concentrated Autumn Curcumin 60 Capsules

Turmeric extract powder (dextrin), maltose, powdered turmeric, water-soluble dietary fiber, sucrose esters, silicon dioxide and concentrated turmeric are refined to be a hangover product that can effectively protect the liver and liver while hangover. It is suitable for people who have a lot of social activities to help lower the three highs and improve liver function.

Noguchi Medical Research Institute Deep Sea Fish Oil 90 Capsules

Cod liver oil (English name: cod liver oil), fat extracted from the liver of sharks, cod, etc., is yellow and has a fishy smell. It mainly contains vitamin A and vitamin D. In addition, cod liver oil also contains horn Squalene, hydrocarbon glycerin, EPA and DHA. Cod liver oil is commonly used to prevent and treat vitamin A and vitamin D deficiencies. Cod liver oil can promote metabolism, enhance immunity, resist radiation and cancer, clean blood vessels, and promote fat metabolism. Cod liver oil is applied to the roots of eyelashes, and it has the effect of stimulating the growth of eyelashes.

Noguchi Medical Research Institute Ginkgo Biloba Extract DHA/EPA Bu Nao Capsules 60 Capsules

This product is made with Ginkgo biloba extract, DHA, EPA, soy lecithin, serine, vitamin B12 and other effective ingredients. It is a brain food for preventing hypertension, cerebral thrombosis, cerebral hemorrhage, amnesia, and senile dementia.

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