In the Rakuten list of JapanTwo consecutive championships

It is known as the strongest decomposing enzyme in history


Svelty carbohydrate decomposition yeast~~

Japanese comedy artist Long Queer highly recommends it!

Rakuten's weight loss department has won two consecutive championships in the sales ranking!

Yeast activated according to the temperature of the food. Yeast that loves carbohydrates,

It is the first time to join the weight-loss country, the United States, which has used chitosan for more than 10 years. Six natural plants that have been used for many years are concentrated in one capsule.

How to eat: Take 2 capsules 2-3 times a day, swallow with water.

The time of eating is very important! 1. Eat before meals, pay attention to before meals! ! ! 2. 2 times a day (3 times if possible)

With 8 kinds of great natural ingredients for weight loss:

Ingredient 1:

"Yeast"-can eat and break down carbohydrates (sugar)! The function of decomposing yeast:

1. Decomposition of sugar water compounds and carbohydrates 2. Contains rich nutrients 3. Produces enzymes 4. Produces new nutrients 5. Improves the environment of the intestinal tract.

Ingredient 2:

"High-absorbency chitosan"-absorbs oil and fat. Chitosan is a raw material for the shell of crabs, etc. and a kind of dietary fiber.

It has the effect of absorbing and expelling cholesterol, fat, salt, etc.

Ingredient 3:

"White Kidney Bean Essence"—

Inhibit carbohydrate digestion and absorption. Long-term consumption of this natural plant has health and beauty effects.

White kidney beans contain digestive enzymes "α-アミラーゼ", which can inhibit the digestion and absorption of carbohydrates. Moreover, it can reduce the calories of eaten carbohydrates.

Ingredient 4:

"Natural plant five-layer dragon extract"-inhibits the rise of blood sugar level. It is mainly distributed in subtropical regions such as Southeast Asia and has been eaten for a long time.

The five layer dragon extract can inhibit the rise of blood sugar level and prevent the accumulation of excess sugar and fat.

The polyphenols contained in it can effectively inhibit the absorption of fat in the diet and promote the decomposition and burning of fat accumulated in the body. It is also recommended for people who want to solve the problem of constipation.

Ingredient 5:

"The herb Gymnema of southern India"-inhibits the absorption of sugar Gymnema, a plant containing gymnema acid, has the effect of inhibiting the absorption of sugar.

Furthermore, it prevents the blood sugar level from rising, and the effect of preventing tang urine bing.

Ingredient 6:

"Oolong tea extract"-inhibit fat absorption Oolong tea is a natural plant that has been drunk with diet for a long time.

Oolong tea contains "Oolong tea superposition polyphenols". In the small intestine, the absorption of fat is hindered and the decomposed fat is absorbed by the body and excreted from the body.

This oolong tea extract has the effect of inhibiting fat absorption.

Ingredient 7:

"Cambodia Garcinia Cambogia Extract"-the essence extracted from the peel of tamarind fruit to prevent sugar and plumpness. Not only ぱっくん yeast, but also a lot of slimming ingredients.

It has the effect of suppressing appetite, preventing sugar and obesity. It is recognized as a very effective ingredient among obese people and thin people.

Ingredient 8:

"Wing Pod Cassia"-Relieving Constipation A wild legume plant in Southeast Asia. It has been drunk as tea since a long time ago. Japanese constipation teas, etc. all have this ingredient combination.

Drinking too much does have diarrhea and has the effect of relieving constipation. Although there are differences in different physiques, even if you drink too much, you don't have to worry about diarrhea.

Svelty糖質分解 酵母商品描述

Sugar! Fat! carbohydrate!

The three main culprits of gaining weight and aging!

Full contract for glycolytic yeast!


The strongest yeast in history, decomposes and inhibits carbohydrates,

Sugar and fat absorption, improve constipation,

Even if you can lose weight without controlling your diet!


Yeast can help us decompose sugars and carbohydrates in food
turn into water and carbon dioxide to be discharged,
At the same time, various digestive enzymes are produced,
Promote intestinal digestion, moisten the intestines and laxative~


In addition to the strongest yeast in history,
this enzyme also contains a variety of beneficial ingredients,
all of which are slimming and oily!


It’s not a weight-loss medicine. You can’t lose weight as soon as you take it.
But it can be a good thing after we eat and eat
Decompose sugar in high-calorie foods,
Reduce calories, thereby controlling weight gain


JapanSvelty Glycolipid DecompositionCut off oil and sugar

Decomposing oleaginous yeast

A slimming aid product that is very popular recently!

2 to 3 times a day, 2 capsules each time. 120 capsules per box

"Yeast" can eat and break down carbohydrates (sugar)! Effectively absorb oil and fat and help digestion! It is especially suitable for people who like to eat sweets. Fat and sugar water compounds are the main culprits for gaining weight. Carbohydrates provide body calories. When the absorption of carbohydrates is inhibited, the body turns to burn fat to provide calories, thereby achieving the goal of weight loss. /p>