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1. [German Version] ROWACHOL Hepatobiliary Medicine 100 Capsules<—–Click here to go to the purchase page
German original ROWACHOL ROWACHOL Hepatobiliary Disease Medicine 100pcs per box Indications: biliary diseases (gallstones, cholecystitis, cholangitis, biliary colic), bile duct dyskinesia, bile yellow; Chronic hepatitis , Viral hepatitis, liver and gallbladder and especially the prevention and maintenance of recurrence after gallstone surgery; chronic pancreatitis, etc. The treatment period varies with the symptoms, and it needs to be taken continuously for several weeks to several months. In case of indigestion, take one or two pills a day to improve digestion, increase appetite, and overcome stagnation. Efficacy: The special medicine for hepatobiliary diseases [Le Ke Huo] is made from various kinds of refined and refined, cleverly coordinated to strengthen liver blood circulation, increase bile secretion, improve liver and gallbladder function, relieve spasm, anti-inflammatory and sterilization, and inhibit gallstones. Hepatobiliary diseases can play a broad and effective prevention and treatment effect, especially cholelithiasis and biliary colic. The drug is extremely mild and has no side effects.

2. [German version] Rowatinex 100 capsules<—-click here for direct purchase
Specification: 100 capsules per box. Indications: Kidney stones, urinary calculi, bladder stones, renal colic, urinary colic, proteinuria, chronic nephritis, cystitis, nephritis, low renal function, urinary stagnation, kidney or urinary system diseases (especially stones ) Maintenance and prevention of recurrence after surgery, and skin diseases caused by kidney disease, etc. The treatment period varies according to the severity of the symptoms, so the taking period ranges from several weeks to several months. Rowatinex® helps to dissolve/break down and remove (break down and eliminate) kidney and urinary tract stones. Rowatinex® relieves muscle spasms, thereby reducing the pain of kidney and urinary colic. It can increase blood flow and reduce inflammation, which may be related to the presence of kidney stones.

3. Doppelherz Gelenk 1000 Glucosamine and Chondroitin Capsules 40 Capsules<—- Click here to go directly to the purchase page

Dietary supplements include glucosamine sulfate, chondroitin sulfate, hyaluronic acid and green mussel powder, vitamins and minerals.

Each 2 capsules contains 1000mg of glucosamine extracted from shrimp / 150mg of chondroitin extracted from shark fin /

Added with vitamin D3 5mg, trace element zinc 2.5mg

❶ Prevention of osteoporosis

❷Persons with joint pain and swelling

❸ Athletes, sports enthusiasts (especially those who often engage in weightlifting, track and field sports, and ball sports)

❹ People who have had joint damage or arthritis

Indications for use:

Doppelherz Asset Glucosamine + Chondroitin is used to treat patients with degenerative diseases of the spine and joints (including osteoarthritis and osteochondrosis).
This medicine can be prescribed as an additional source of glucosamine and chondroitin.

Dosage and usage : Adults take it with three meals a day. Enrollment time is 2 months.

4. [German Version] Floradix Eisen 500ml<—-Click here to go to the purchase page

Tieyuan is a tonic produced by the German company Salus. Pure natural herbal formula organic liquid active iron, absorption rate as high as 98%, won the alive gold medal for 10 consecutive years, and has won the famous VITY award for many times. The best-selling nutritional active ingredient in more than 50 countries. Organic liquid iron + rich vitamin C efficiently replenish iron, participate in the cause, increase blood oxygen content, improve blood circulation, effectively relieve pale, fatigue, cold hands and feet, dizziness, headache, emotional depression, mental deficiency, immunity Iron deficiency symptoms such as descent, remove dark circles from the source, make the complexion ruddy and shiny, and energetic. Vitamins B1, B2, B6, and B12 are the basic nutrients of brain neurotransmitters, and they are also the vitamin groups most vulnerable to deficiency in the Chinese diet. The rich vitamin B family in iron makes thinking faster, concentrates and enhances memory; improves appetite, improves energy metabolism, and promotes the burning of excess fat

Function effect

Supplementing iron, nourishing blood, strengthening immunity, anti-fatigue, and improving iron deficiency symptoms such as anemia, pale face, cold hands and feet, etc.

Herbal tonic-Tieyuan is a unique liquid supplement that is made into an excellent source of gluten without the risk of excessive consumption of gluten.

SALUS HAUS herbal tonic, based on plant juices, with iron-containing formula to boost energy.

Herbal tonic-Tieyuan is a unique liquid supplement that is made into an excellent source of gluten without the risk of excessive consumption of gluten.

On average, the human body can only dissolve and absorb 20% of solid supplements and eliminate 80% of side effects, such as constipation and bloating. Since the herbal tonic liquid-iron element is a liquid and does not need to be dissolved, it can greatly increase the surface contact area of the absorption site and provide an absorption rate of 98%.

Some symptoms of iron deficiency:

  • Tiredness and lack of energy
  • Can't concentrate
  • Decreased exercise endurance
  • Increased frequency of infection
  • Dark circles appear

Suggested use method:

  • Take iron supplements on an empty stomach to ensure complete absorption 30 minutes before or within a few hours after eating. Avoid taking foods containing tea, coffee or milk at the same time as they will inhibit the absorption of iron. As vitamin C helps the absorption of iron, it is recommended to drink it with orange juice when taking iron supplements.

5. Germany Desitin diaper cream to strengthen the treatment of diaper cream 113g<—-click here to go to the purchase page

Desitin is a professional diaper cream brand owned by Johnson & Johnson. It is the No.1 diaper cream recommended by American pediatricians. Desitin diaper cream is divided into two types: blue protection type and purple enhanced type. The blue protection type is Mainly on prevention, it can treat minor red buttocks, while the purple enhanced type is more effective for treating red buttocks. Our family is the enhanced type, and you can buy it with confidence (click here for direct introduction). Currently, the purple enhanced type ranks first in the Amazon diaper cream category and has received up to four and a half users praise. The price/performance ratio is very high. I recommend this very much, the child's red ass will be fine with this one night, and it is very durable. Very effective for treatment